Five New Digital Trends

Today consumers are no longer just looking for social networks to broadcast their ideas, connect with people and share their experiences but also want a deeper online and offline experience for satisfaction. In light of the recent economic upheaval, there has been a shift in the average consumer and they prefer those experiences over products. Marketers have to focus on these trends which drive consumers from a socially based consumption model to one of experience.

The following are the top five trends which help to shape such experiences:

Visual Thinking

It began as a trend in the education industry to help improve learning and retention. In recent times it has evolved and is being used as a strategy tool by marketers and management firms to help clients find solution to complex problems and map them out via large scale visuals. It’s the use and exploration of images as tools for communication and can be applied to any subject matter so as to augment a change in any demographic or audience. The London based firm Group Partners has constructed the most comprehensive visual thinking experience which allows solutions to be co-created and applied to important conversations “which transforms the way people think and act, and quickly”, says Founder, John Caswell. This technique was applied by the company to more than 2,500 businesses including Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder and The BBC. With a move towards thinking in terms of pictures and graphics, use of visual thinking framework is becoming more compelling.


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