Dangers of sitting too much

Technological development in the modern times requires humans to put in the minimum effort to accomplish a specific job. Most of the jobs these days are jobs which do not have a lot of physical activity involved in it. The employees just sit at their desks and perform the tasks assigned to them without any physical effort or activity. This means that at an average day job an employee requires to sit at his desk and work in a single posture for 6-8 hours. He is continuously in a sitting position while he is working and this might please him too because he doesn’t have to put in any physical effort. But it is rather harmful to him, and many of us aren’t aware of it.

The major reason why sitting isn’t a good for prolonged time intervals is that it puts a lot of pressure on the spine and this might cause spine misalignment. It causes numbness which we often experience when we squat or sit for long time intervals. It also lessens the blood pressure to different parts in the body. According to many scientists our body’s equilibrium is the best while standing, which means that the body weight is equally distributed throughout the body while standing. But sitting continuously is proven to be physically stressful. When we sit our spine bends and loses its normal positioning in the body, and then the back muscles play a major role in holding the normal spine shape. But when we sit for long time intervals we also put a lot of pressure on our back muscles. This leads to back pains and other varied back problems. Sitting in a bad posture aggravates the problem; this might lead to slipped discs. After having seen these ill-effects of sitting for prolonged time periods it is better that we take precaution rather than ending up in pain. Doctors suggest that people whose work involves sitting long sessions behind the desk should try to stand up at frequent intervals while working and also do some stretches which might relieve the stress from your back and prevent any serious problems. Maintain a good posture while seated. Try to keep your spine straight while sitting so that the lower back is arched inward. While sitting move your feet frequently to avoid numbness. These are some of the tips and techniques suggested by doctors for those who work for long hours behind desks.


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