The Drug Epidemic

When thinking about the youth, who are our future, it is imperative that we protect them from foul elements that corrupt their minds and distort their perceptions, behavior, and worst of all make them turn on their own parents.  Once a drug is circulating through their bodies, they start viewing everybody that is sober as people that are not “cool.”  It is so sad to see that marijuana is being smoked by teenagers, which some consider a gateway drug to all the other narcotics that completely destroy lives and basically turn many people into monsters.

Parents should stop at nothing to prohibit their precious children from ever even thinking about using a drug to alter their mind state.  We were all born with innocence and an inner-beauty that shines.  All drugs do is eventually dull the mind and makes the youth come up with crazy notions that defy true logic and in the end breaks their parents hearts.  Who influences these unfortunate children to turn their backs on their masters (parents) and go about looking at the world in an insane fashion?  No one knows but if you ask me, it is these retarded entertainers who make money off of creating art that promotes drug usage.  For example, think of one of the best rappers in the world, who so many children idolize, Lil Wayne.  Just think how many teenagers listen to his music, that’s all about guns, drugs and sex.  They are so young and his songs seeps into their psyche and decision-making process about how to proceed with what they do with their spare time.


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