Mothers are Making Positive Steps to Decrease Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink and drive. However, after having a few beers, that drive home doesn’t seem like any problem at all. After all, you’re sober, right? Wrong! Depending on your sex, height and weight, reaching the 0.08 blood alcohol limit is relatively easy to achieve with just a couple of cocktails, beers or a few glasses of wine. Though you may feel perfectly sober, a Breathalyzer test will see it differently, thus putting you in jeopardy of picking up a DUI arrest or even getting in an accident. So how can you avoid this?

The fight against drunk driving and preventing DUI accidents has gone high-tech, thanks to a push from Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD). According to a recent post on their blog, new technology and prototypes are currently in development that would prevent a drunk driver from even having the ability to start the vehicle. An invisible, automobile-grade system would be able to detect alcohol use from a person’s breath.


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