Britain’s takes a dip in inflation as sign of positive times ahead

In a positive break from the negative gloom that has surrounded British economy for a little more than two years the inflation figures were reported to be lower than before. This eventually made the consumer confidence surge which was riddled with a lot of pessimism recorded the highest in April 2010. While the consumers start spending with a better mindset and outlook towards the resurging economy, analysts believe that this can be taken as the start of return of comprehensive stabilization. According to the surveyor Markit’s Household Finance index, consumer pessimism reduced and markets saw an upswing with intuitively could be expected to be reflected in employers feeling more comfortable in increasing their workforce and also increasing the wages for the ones they have already in their recruitment.

Can Mitt Romney Revive Our Economy

Mitt Romney’s campaign is full steam ahead.  The GOP presidential candidate won the Iowa Caucus by a slim margin and then handled the primary in New Hampshire with relative ease; now he is setting his sights on South Carolina.  Romney, who some criticize to be too “wooden” and detached from the common man, is nonetheless on the right track to be the republican who battles President Barack Obama for the right to lead America back to greatness. 

The Imperatives of Outsourcing in the New Economic Order

Outsourcing as a strategic choice by several corporations since its acceptance as a business idea has sustained the interest of a larger corporate community on account of the returns rendered by such an arrangement without large capital expenditure involved. Besides its share of controversies in regards to off-shoring of jobs and diminishing quality standards, outsourcing as an idea has maintained its faithful fan following among corporate audience and has managed to, in most cases, become a source of profit and cross-country partnerships sustained through global ties and arrangements.


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