American voters go to polls to give their final verdict

The curtains are almost down after a long and bitter White House campaign with Americans began casting their votes on Tuesday with polls showing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger – Mitt Romney in a neck and neck election that will be decided in a handful of states. The voting is currently underway in twenty-six states in the United States to elect their 45th president of the country. Polling has already opened in most eastern states and is slated to commence in mid-western states. The states currently undergoing voting include Ohio and North Carolina. Voting will begin in Florida within a few hours.

Vice president Joe Biden voted along with his wife just a short while ago in Delaware. This election is a close race between the U.S. President and Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and the Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney for 538 Electoral College votes. To be a winner, the candidate needs 270 electoral votes. The results depend upon the Electoral College in which each state is given a number of electoral votes in a rough proportion to its population. The outcome of the election will rest on a thin margin based on few key results.

America’s Dire Financial Crisis

It is quite obvious that Mitt Romney is going to win the GOP nomination and battle Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America.  Some people say that they are basically the same candidates that are bound by the same bureaucratic dogma, just in different ways of platform, expression and rhetoric.  However, there are striking differences between the two that are worth mentioning.  For instance, Mitt Romney has ample experience in the corporate sector while Obama’s predominant experience is dealing with our ailing economy, which isn’t pretty.  But is it his fault or George W. Bush’s blame that we are in such a dire financial crisis?   In a poll it said that 54 percent of people said that it was Bush’s fault, while 29 percent blamed Obama.  Regardless of who is to blame, something has to be done because hardworking people are close to losing their mortgages and on thin ice.

Santorum Needs a Miracle to Catch Romney

As results of the Illinois primary trickled in, many believed it was the end of the road for Rick Santorum and the Republican Primary nomination contest.     In another jolt to an already sagging campaign came the endorsement of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to Romney. So it looks like Santorum needs to turnaround his campaign with some quick fire wins, which looks highly unlikely, but never says never in Politics.

Romney’s win in Illinois almost doubled the lead in delegates over Santorum. The battleground shifts to Louisiana on Saturday and then to Wisconsin in April, Santorum needs to win big in both these states to stay alive in the contest. If he fails to do so, he will have buckle under the pressure and harbor his support to get behind Romney in the run up to the November 6 Presidential election.

Another wild theory doing the rounds is Santorum hoping to win enough to make sure that Romney does not win the nomination by the end of June, when state contests end. He believes he can then go to the August convention in Tampa, Florida, where a lot of conservatives are expected to turn up and tip Romney to the post.

Its smooth sailing in the Island Territories for Mr. Romney

Mitt Romney’s focus on job creation has lead to a huge win in the Republican Primary in Puerto Rico held on Sunday, gaining 20 delegates. This was a much needed win after a lukewarm electoral season so far. Mr. Romney is the front runner in the bid to be the Republican challenger for the Presidency on November 6th, but has been facing stiff competition from Rick Santorum. Mr. Romney has also won in the other island territories of Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands.

This Puerto Rican primary Mr. Romney won about 83% of the vote, with 60% of the ballot counted, while Mr. Santorum could lay claim to only about 8%. Puerto Rico is a self-governing U.S. commonwealth and its citizens and though its citizens are allowed to participate in partisan party elections, they are not eligible to vote in national elections. (Puerto Ricans who live in the United States proper may vote in national polls.)

Mitt Romney’s campaign looses steam

Mitt Romney’s second campaign for the GOP nomination seems to be running out of steam with a candidate who seems to be losing his touch. Just two weeks after winning the Florida primary and enthusiastically regaling us with ‘America the Beautiful’ Mr. Romney seems to have lost a lot of his pep and is mired in one unfortunate public appearance after another. It is still just the beginning of a long primary season and Mr. Romney’s campaign seems to be floundering with a candidate who comes across as less then confidant.

The general consensus among political pundits is that Mr. Romney needs to win Arizona and Michigan on Feb 28th to bring back his flagging self confidence. He is comfortably ahead in Arizona but struggling in Michigan.

Obama Moves on from Hope and Change

President Obama “We can change” still rings in our ears from his 2008 campaign, where he bowled people over with brilliant oratory skills. However, four years down the line, when he faces another election, he is staying away from words like Hope and Change in his re-election campaign.

Sources say “Winning The Future” “Greater Together” “We Don’t Quit” are the short-list from which he may pick one. As of now the posters just say ‘Obama 2012’. “Winning The Future” was used extensively to promote the budget, while “Greater Together” was used to reach out to the youth. This is quite a marked change from the previous election, where Obama was the outsider and wanted to incite change and make things happen. Today he is the incumbent and people today are too cynical to accept change and hope. However, he does refer to these words at various fundraisers and public meetings to refer to change that he has brought about during his tenure.

Mitt Romney’s Campaign Hits Speed Bumps on the Road to the Nomination

Mitt RomneyIt is not all smooth sailing and clear winds in the race for the Republican presidential nomination for Mr. Mitt Romney. After decisive victories in Florida and Nevada it appeared that Mr. Romney had all but won the nomination. But the shocking wins for Mr. Rick Santorum in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri mean that Mr. Romney has a ways to go before he can being to prepare to take on the incumbent Democratic President Barak Obama.

Mr. Romney is still the front runner and has tried to play down these disappointing results by saying that his campaign did not devote a lot of effort, time or money to the three states’ nomination contests, choosing to reserve their might for other more important states’ nomination processes.  At an airport conference Mr. Romney reiterated that he felt he was still poised to win the Republican nomination, but that there was a tough fight ahead against the newly resurgent Rick Santorum. Mr. Romney said that the fight for the nomination was a long drawn out affair that tested the mettle of the candidates to choose the best person to run for the much more challenging Presidential election. He reminded people at the conference that Senator McCain had also lost a few states after winning Florida but was able to win the nomination as he secured the required number of delegates.


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