FDA warns against potential harms of using electric toothbrushes

The Food and Drug Administration of US has reportedly forewarned customers against use of electrically enabled toothbrushes that have been highlighted as the one of efficient dental cleaning tools. Usually provided in small sizes these are used by small children between the ages of 3-6 years who need assistance and monitoring of their dental health. FDA, which is the central agency responsible for administration of safety and quality regulations of food stuffs, drugs and all related products and items that are used for health purposes by citizens, looked into several reports of teeth damage and potential choking due to Spinbrush, a particular brand of electrically enabled toothbrush that is quite popular among small children,

Spinbrush is available in nine assorted varieties of electrically enabled brushes with some varieties specially manufactured for kids. The brand although quite popular has been riddled with some technical glitches like loosening of the brush head after continuous and sometimes rigorous use. These products have been issued with an advisory notice upon FDA directives in order to prevent injuries ensuing because of the loosening of the brush had or other similar issues. The company although advices for replacements of these toothbrushes at least every three months, the advice is seldom heeded to by customers. Therefore the recurring accidents that have been brought to the FDA and the company’s notice more than once.


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