How To Find The Best Technology That Fits Right For Your Home

If you are a homeowner looking to equip your house with the latest and greatest technology, there are a variety of options you can explore in order to give your home some technological spice. Whether its installing a new entertainment system, looking for the best internet service or looking to install a home security system, here is a quick overview of what you can do to get your house up to speed with the latest technologies.


By far, one of the biggest assets that most individuals look for in a home is having access to high speed internet. There are a variety of high speed internet options available for individuals such as cable, fiber optics, 4G and satellite. For the most part, homeowners should stick with more stable options such as cable and fiber optic internet connections. These are usually offered large cable and telecommunication companies. If you have multiple computers within your home, these services will prove to be the most reliable given that they generally have faster speeds compared to 4G and satellite-based internet connections.

Wolverine claims the weekend box office crown

Hugh Jackman is the latest incarnation as Wolverine having clawed its way through this weekend’s box office competition. ‘Wolverine’ that starred Hugh Jackman as Marvel Comics’ sharp clawed super hero slashed its way to $55 million in United States and Canadian ticket sales to claim the box office crown. This film made more than $120 million it cost to make in its opening weekend. It is the sixth film in the X-Men franchise that has now made $1.9 billion worldwide. “The Conjuring” the low budget horror film that led last weekend’s box office slipped to second place with $22.1million in domestic sales from Friday through Sunday as per studio estimates.

Wolverine is set in Japan and features an international cast. The film has generated nearly $84 million in overall ticket sales that surprised strong showing for the film that was made under $20 million to make. The animated film “Despicable Me 2” that featured the voice of comic actor Steve Carell finished third with 16 million in ticket sales in its fourth week in movie theatres. This film was made by Universal Pictures collecting more than $600 million ticket sales around the globe. Despite of the success, ‘Wolverine’ fell short of Hollywood insiders’ $72 million weekend estimates. It is the latest in the string of the big budget action films that had failed to meet the expectations.

Michael Jackson Kith and Kin watches the Unity Tour

The pop icon Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael aged – 15, Paris aged – 14 and ten years old Prince Michael – II went to see the concert of Jackson Brothers  aptly title – “Unity Tour” in Saratoga, California. In spite of the dispute over the custody of the Michael Jackson’s kids between the Jackson family, matriarch Katherine Jackson and the kids of Michael Jackson there seemed unity among the family members of Michael Jackson.  The grand mother of Michael Jackson has temporarily lost the custody of the kids last week following her mysterious holiday to Arizona.

Katherine Jackson received a standing ovation from the crowd when she was spotted entering the concert. Jermaine Jackson announced at the concert that the Jackson family is one and united and they are one family and will heal soon. The children were saddened over their grand mother – Katherine Jackson reported to be missing over for a number of days and they had not spoken to her all these missing days. The kids were then put under the guardianship of Michael’s nephew TJ who is the son of Tito Jackson in the absence of Katherine.

During the Jacksons’s time in Arizona, Katherine reportedly had no communication with her grandchildren.  But, later on she claimed that she had taken the break voluntarily and therefore had cut off all her contacts.  But now it seems that the story has more twists and turns as on Friday, Katherine’s attorney Perry Sanders said in a statement to ABC News that the 82 year old- venerated old woman and her grand son TJ will file a petition at the beginning of this week asking the court to reinstate Katherine as the guardian and appoint TJ as co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s kids.

Bill and Giuliana in an expansion drive for their family and business

Soon to be new parents – Bill and Giuliana Rancic are in a jet speed mode to welcome their new baby and they are also planning to expand their RPM restaurant business. The married couple is expecting their child through gestational surrogate treatment method after several failed attempts via IVF treatment and a miscarriage. Giuliana now aged thirty six years is expecting the baby boy at the end of August. Giuliana – the E! News presenter and her husband Bill are also currently in the process of opening a restaurant businesses together.

The next eight weeks of Bill will remain hectic with both familial and business/professional obligations. Bill informed the Us Weekly magazine that both of them have opened the RPM Italian restaurant at the beginning of the year and both of them are really enjoying and having lots of fun. They have also decided to open another restaurant called RPM Steak in Chicago as well. This restaurant will be just two blocks away from the RPM Italian and they are also planning to open another one in Las Vegas for the next RPM.

Rancic admits that they are in a rush mode and the couple will be moving to a new house in Los Angeles as they have found a great house there that is under final stages of construction and he has to be there every day for getting it finished. They hope that they will move to this new house within the next three weeks. There is also a provision for nursery and they are in a hurry to get the house finished.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes reaches an amicable divorce settlement

The highly publicized divorce settlement of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been settled on Monday taking less than two weeks that ended the six year marriage of the star studded couple. Speculations doing rounds about the custody of their six years old daughter – Suri- reached a feverish pitch over the weekend but then the estranged couple rested the rumors by announcing about their amicable divorce settlement.

Reports emerge that Katie Holmes will have the sole custody of Suri and Tom will get substantial time to spend with his daughter. The divorce agreement also includes the details on how Tom and Katie are allowed to tell Suri regarding religion including Scientology. However, Suri will not be expected to attend a Scientology school, like Cruise’s adopted children Isabella – aged 19 and Conor- aged 17 did.

The couple along with their daughter has become a favorite idol of celebrity magazines and everything seemed going on a right track when Holmes filed for divorce in New York. Her move surprised the fans and even Tom Cruise who at that time was in Iceland shooting for a movie. There were speculations in the media that the couple had differences about raising their six years old daughter –Suri as a Scientologist but neither they nor their attorneys commented on that matter.

Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes in a glamorous wedding in an Italian castle in the month of November-2006 and their daughter – Suri was born about six months earlier. In the opinion of family law attorneys it is quite surprising that this divorce case has been settled in a speedy manner. In their view the present case has so many moving parts that do not routinely get resolved themselves in a matter of ten days and there are definitely one or two motivated people.

Sherriff Andy Griffith no more!

Better known as Sherriff ‘Andy Taylor’ of the famous sitcom ‘The Andy Griffith show’, this famous actor and television producer passed away on the morning of July 3 2012 in Roanoke Island, N.C. His career began when he started acting and portraying various roles in plays and films from the year 1945 onwards. He came into the limelight when he started playing the role of Sherriff Andy Taylor in the famous sitcom The Andy Griffith show which spanned from 1960-68 and was widely appreciated by majority of people in America.

Although Andy’s career stretched from nightclubs, radio and movies the role of the small-town sheriff helped him gain a lot of fame and prominence on American television. This show portrayed him as a sheriff of a small town who solved small problems of life that would come up in that town. This show was critically acclaimed and was ranked among top four to five sitcoms ever showed on television. Andy from his childhood days was into music and wanted to pursue a career in music but also had good acting skills which made him the man we know him. His graduation in music from the University of North Carolina indicates his love and interest for music.

A great entertainment – Food and Wine Events

Great entertainment is lined up in the form of food and wine events that are going to make the last days of this month from June.21st to June.30th an exciting month end. The various events that are lined up in South Bay and beyond are-

Hop N’ Barley Beer and BBQ Festival where more than forty brewers that includes seven local breweries are all ready to be fired up for this years’ festival and that includes the music, barbecue, and kids area that will be held until 5:00 PM of June.30th. The cost for the beer and barbecue is $38 and $30 for tasting the beer only. The barbeque costs $80. Their address is Skypark, 361 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley and their website is
Bonny Doon Art &Wine Festival- Here you can enjoy unlimited wine tasting, epicurean food, and cheese pairings, in the Beauregard Vineyard tent. The timings are between 1:00 to 6:00 PM as on from June.23rd. The entry to this festival is restricted to only those individuals who are 21 or above. Their address is Vigne Farms Equestrian Park, 3675 Bonny Doon Road, Santa Cruz. The entry fee is $50 and their phone number is 831-425-1934. Their website is

The Influence of Entertainment

Today the masses are flocking to the movies and watching television and listening to musicians in order to eliminate boredom and illuminate their imagination.  The olden days are over where people looked to books or their family for guidance and self-realization.  Now, people who are searching for the meaning of life look to movie stars, television personalities, and musicians to show them what they don’t know and how to view the world properly.  Children look up to these celebrities and often imitate these fortunate entertainers (who make a bunch of money) wishing they could be just like them and basically these kids turn them into deities.

All movies have an underlying theme to them, something that they are trying to show the audience exists in everyday life and that they should leave the theatre’s being completely aware of.  It might take awhile but as soon as the climax hits them like a ton of bricks they truly understand what the director was trying to create: his or her unique perspective of human culture.

The Menace that is the Paparazzi

A single word that sends a shiver down the spine of many celebrities is the word ‘Paparazzi’. These celebrity hungry shutterbugs follow, stalk and do whatever it takes to get a photograph of a celebrity. They often take pictures in the most of comprising of positions and ones that are intimate and personal. The menace of these photographers has often spiraled out of control and has lead to many celebrities breaking down. The same people who put them on Page 3 and give them all the attention in the public eye often cross the line of decency. Over the years that line seems to have stretched a bit too far for comfort.

Britney Spears has often been the most affected celebrity and one who has been constantly targeted. Her altercations with them have often been ugly and have led to her reaching a breaking point. In a TV interview couple of years back, she broke down on national television discussing the Paparazzi menace.

Four girls from South Korea take over the girl band scene, redefine it and win acclaim

Four girls from South Korea of Chinese descent who form the girl band stylized as miss A started performing in 2010 and have taken the Korean music scene and its audience by storm. Hugely successful in the Far East, miss A members hope to go international as much as their fans would like to see them do so. Individually starting their music careers through passionate diligence and after several groupings and regroupings, the band with four members with a dream of making it big in the music arena was conceptualized and hence began the success story of these small town girls from China rocking the music scene in South Korea. Soon they’ll be rocking on a television screen near you.


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