What’s So Hard in the National Anthem?

Steven Tyler copped a fair share of criticism last week after making a hash of the American National Anthem. The Aerosmith front man rendered “The Star Spangled Banner” ahead of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots in the AFC. The supposed reason for such wide-spread criticism was his inability to hit the right high tones and gobbling up some of the lyrics.

This is not the first instance where a popular celebrity has been picked apart for their rendition of the National Anthem. Erica Chase, a popular recording artist does admit the difficulty in the song when she says, “difficult would be an understatement.” She goes on to add that the song has intervals where it goes from a lower note to a higher note pretty rapidly. Add to that, the fact these celebrities are used to performing their own tracks with their own bands and performing the National Anthem, puts them out of their comfort zone.


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