Oscar veteran and star of television shows Ernest Borgnine dies

Veteran actor and star of the television shows Ernest Borgnine died at the age of 95 on Monday at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His family was at his bedside when he died. Ernest Borgnine  born to Italian immigrants in January 24, 1917 in Hamden in Connecticut is quiet famous for his roles in dramas like the World War-II Film – “The Dirty Dozen” and the popular television series of “McHale’s Navy”. He was also a US Navy veteran to won an Academy Award for the best actor for his role in the film “Marty” in the year- 1955 and that film also took the Oscar for the best picture, best screenplay and best director.

Borgnine began his career as a stage actor and his first recognition came in Hollywood when he played the role of Sergeant “Fatso” Judson who is a sadist and who terrorizes and finally kills the Frank Sinatra’s character – Private Angelo Maggio in the film “From Here to Eternity”. He is also well known for his role in the television series “Airwolf”.  The muscular and heavily built profiled body of Borgnine with a husky voice, and a gap toothed sneer made him on the verge of being typecast as the bad guy during his early career days. His other films where he performed his best include “Johnny Guitar” in 1954 and “Bad Day at Black Rock” in 1955.

He got out from the bondage of the bad guy label with the film “Marty” that won him the first Oscar for role played as a warm-hearted New York butcher. The television show “McHale’s Navy” made him quiet popular with the role of a skipper that was broadcast on the ABC channel from 1962 to August 1966. This TV show refreshed and catapulted the career of Borgnine.  Borgnine acted again as Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale which is a 1964 big screen adaptation of this TV show.


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