UK Service Sector may just pull the country out of recession, really?

So the past few months have been especially distressing for the Britons. With the decision of their Prime Minister David Cameron to quit talks with European countries and negotiations to quell the eurozone crisis seems to have landed the country in a bigger mess. Now that the European countries disregard to British trade concerns in the context of routing solutions through international organizations like European Commission and European Court, the fate of UK in terms of its sluggish recovery from its financial crisis has been casted with a gloomy shadow of its own decisions. While many, including the current opposition in the country have indicated their displeasure with Prime Minister Cameron’s handling of the situation, the country seems to have retained a characteristic slow pace of recovery and the discouragement rendered because of the unceremonious ouster from the European talks has began to show on many market indices.

Cameron’s Threat of Legal Action Not Enough for Ed Miliband

David Cameron in a latest statement against some 25 European countries has threatened to use legal force to avoid the use of institutions in a bid to protect Britain’s national interests. His opinions since the last meeting with his European counterparts has become more vocal and aggressive especially in regards to use of institutions that can negatively impact Britain’s already unstable economic situation. Cameron’s reactions were exasperated by the fact that the 25 member block in Europe has threatened to sideline or rather exclude the UK and Czech Republic in their use of joint institutions including European Commission and the European Court of Justice. This act has been hugely received flak from all corners in Britain and Cameron has been blamed for the current situation on account of Britain’s disapproval and consequent exit from negotiations that ended without Cameron’s participation last December.


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