Feeling Stressed? 6 Ideas To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Dealing with stress can be incredibly detrimental to your everyday happiness and well-being. You might be stressed about your job, family life or relationship issues that you’ve been handling. There are six key ways to decrease your stress levels and feel better even if everything around you feels as though it is falling apart.

Go for a Massage

One way to decrease stress levels is to go for a massage once or twice a week. There are many massage parlors that you should be able to simply walk right into and get service. If you do not have a parlor locally, consider buying massage chairs that can be used right in your own home or you might want to have a loved one give you a massage.

Meditate and Relax

Meditation requires you to clear your mind and simply focus on your breathing. This can help to put thoughts and stress factors into a different perspective so that you can handle the situation more clearly. There are a lot of meditation tapes and discs that you can buy for a guided and more personalized meditation experience.

Exercise versus Smoking

Exercise versus SmokingSmoking is an activity which is being practiced by over a billion people around the world. Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. In earlier days it was used for different purposes some of which comprise of religious ceremonies or in various other rituals. But nowadays people have become habituated to these practices irrelevant of religion or culture and smoking has become a habit. This is because, the substance used in the cigarettes or in other pipes and cigars is tobacco which after combustion results in release of nicotine in the smokers blood which makes them addicted.

Smoking has by far been found to be the cause for various diseases and health disorders.it is also the major cause of cardiovascular diseases. Quitting smoking is the first step that has to be taken to stop all the smoking related problems. But this solution is easier said than done. Once a person is habituated to smoking it becomes really difficult for him to quit and even after quitting there is a high chance of this addiction to relapse in no time. Keeping these facts in mind the researchers have come up with a new solution to counter this problem, and that is exercise. Exercising every day for short time intervals will help smokers keep a check on their health and also avoid the high risks of diseases like cancer, heart attacks, birth defects and other kinds of problems. An exercising smoker is less likely to develop health disorders than a sedentary smoker. A short walk everyday can help smokers a lot. It has also been found by researchers that exercise may also help a smoker quit smoking all together and the chance of its relapse is also minimized if the individual continues exercising. This is because exercising makes cigarettes less attractive. These are the merits exercise provides to smokers. It also increases life expectancy of smokers who exercise on regular basis. The best method of exercise to be followed by active smokers is to include in their schedule 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking. Gradually try to increase your intensity and reduce smoking. Try to maintain a healthy diet and keep away from stressful situations which will trigger your urge to smoke. Try breathing exercise .this will increase your lung capacity.

If you’re falling short of your wellness targets then assessments might help you pinpoint the issues

Exercising and eating well are the two very basic and generic of advices that have been doled out in an age where health issues are taken very seriously. With rampant obesity issues and aspirations for a fit and healthy body are seldom achievable due to the hectic schedules people work by and the quality of exercise they get to squeeze into the day against their constant deadlines. Some of us achieve results much too quickly than others who need to toil and put in more hard work and additional sweaty sessions. The reason may not be that you’re not putting in efforts but it may actually because you haven’t understood you body’s needs and requirements and are actually subjecting it to unnecessary and most often fruitless toil.

This is where assessments come in as feasible solutions to break the deadlock of hard to earn fitness levels and the inability of your body to achieve them despite all effort. Assessments according to certified fitness instructors and doctors are the best way to understand how you body functions which in fact is varied different from other people. Some of the aspects that are assessed  for better understanding of bodily functions are composition are Metabolic Rate, Questions to answer lifestyle related habits, Body Composition, Functional Movements and Cardiovascular fitness test.


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