Facebook syncs Timeline and E-mail addresses

In a move to continue with a slew of changes to its functionality, Facebook has now decided to sync the timeline address and Facebook e-mail address. The change will kick into effect over the next few weeks.

For people wondering what it means to you, read on. If let us say your Timeline address or Facebook URL is Facebook.com/cristopher.25, then your e-mail address will be christopher.25@facebook.com. For people who have already set up their e-mail accounts and chosen an e-mail address through Facebook, their e-mail addresses will be unaffected.

The move comes close on the heels of Google unveiling a completely revamped and brand new Google+. The social networking giant is also set to compete with the close integration offered by Google and G+. Facebook launched vanity URL’s in 2009, however it did not have the e-mail feature at that time. The e-mail feature was rolled out in 2010, giving users a @facebook address; they could also pick their own user name based on availability.


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