Integration with Face book through five powerful strategies

Facebook, a powerful social networking site launched on February-4, 2004 as a free access website. Face book can now be used to integrate most of the nonprofit events that helps in connecting with the supporters and potential donors. It is quite important for nonprofits, to embrace social media networks and tapping their powerful tools to connect with the communities they serve.  By using these tools, the nonprofits are attracting volunteers, donations, media coverage and employees.

Face book with over 150 million users and half of which use Facebook every day is a perfect playing ground for non profits due to the fact that the etiquettes and ethos of the social media sphere is perfect match for nonprofits.  There are five ways by which as a non profits, can integrate Facebook into their events.  These five powerful strategies are discussed as mentioned below:

  • Using Facebook events- The main marketing tool on Facebook is its’ Facebook page. When logging in as a user it is necessary to create a Facebook Event for each and every upcoming event. Each page created by the concerned user gets pushed into the users Page news feed but unlike a status update or photo, the Facebook Events- each have their own separate Page information about the event, a list of attendees who are invited, declined or going, and even a wall where the user can engage with the people called on for the event.  Facebook Events can be treated as an additional outpost for engagement between potential attendees, and the organization.

Catching sexual predators through social networking sites

With increased use of social networking sites such as Face book and others, had resulted in children and teenagers vulnerable to potential sexual predators. Now to turn the tables on these predators, the social networking site such as Facebook is using a mix of software technology and collection of personal information from its users thereby helping in catching the probable sexual predators.  Many users may not be aware of the fact, that Facebook has a lot of technology in place for scanning postings and chats looking for criminal activity. This automated technology scans conversations and flags questionable content for human moderators who can read it and then inform the appropriate authorities if desired.

Facebook has made their system quite smart by collecting the data from the sexual predators in order to estimate and examine the inappropriate chat and as such these messages are flagged. Later on, the Facebook security employees determine if they should notify the police about it. This technology was used in the month of March when it flagged a suspicious conversation of a man in his early thirty’s and a thirteen years old girl who were talking about sex. When the man agreed to meet the girl after class the next day, the Facebook employees notified the police who then arrested the man.

Facebook along with other social networking sites are using a mix of technology and human moderators to pick out possible predators among its users. Facebook along with other social networking sites are using online chat records of convicted pedophiles to teach the software what to look for when scanning conversations.  There are indeed effective defense techniques that are available right now, but they are expensive too.  The demerit of these techniques is that they may estrange some of its target audience especially the teenage users who would like to have more freedom of expression.

A severe backlash from the users of Facebook on email switch

The most popular social networking site Facebook is facing a wave of agitations from its users when it changed the email address with the address of the face book. This change has drawn flak among most of its users as they feel they were quite annoyed about how Face book has taken this major decision without seeking prior permission.

Face book first gave indication about the move in April when it released a statement that it was updating addresses on the Face book to make them consistent across its site. At that time majority of them did not take the issue seriously. The emails sent to addresses will appear alongside the posts sent through the network’s internal message system that allows the users to pick up both types of communications from the same place.

This drastic change made by the Face book was first noticed and pointed out by the bloggers over this weekend and thereon spread on to the media houses on Monday leading to a cacophony among the Face book users. Face book spokeswoman Jillian Stefanki issued a statement that the site is also rolling out a setting that allows its users to decide which email addresses to show on their pages.

Undo your gaffs with Facebook’s editing option

Social networking sites act as a platform for people who want to socialize and mingle with people around the world. These websites provide a suitable environment in which two unknown people who have never spoken to each other or haven’t even thought of speaking to each other can become friends just by looking at the photos of the person who they want to make friends with. Facebook is one such site which sits on top of the list of social networking websites and promotes people for photo sharing and socializing on the net through its website.

These sites promote friendship and bringing people together. But sometimes there are instances that these websites become the very reason for bitterness and break-up among friends. There are individuals who say they got offended by the comments of their friend or fiancée or any other relative on Facebook and this initiated the fight between them. But is this the fault of the website owners to see whether people are getting seriously ill-treated and some are misbehaving on the website or the comments posted under photos or pictures are becoming the reason to bitterness and quarrels among friends. Well to curb this problem, Facebook has introduced a new editing option on the website in which after you leave a comment you are free to edit it or even delete it. Earlier, after writing a comment which wasn’t intended to be written, we could only delete the comment. But now, we can edit the comment with ease.

Romney Winning the Facebook Battle

The U.S Presidential poll is fast approaching and the race to the White House is heating up. If you thought Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were taking on each other in the real world, they seem to have taken the battle virtual as well. The online battle between the two is certainly keeping everyone interested. Recent numbers published have shown that Romney’s popularity on Facebook is surging, while his competitor’s popularity, well, is not dipping but definitely slowing down.

Figures published by Facebook indicate that the Republican nominee, Romney added over 71,000 fans in the week between June 11 and 17 – that officially make it the best week for him in a while. President Obama wasn’t far behind either, in fact, with 77,000 new fans he added more fans than Romney, but his numbers point to a decline in the last few weeks. The Democrat has only seen an increase of 1.7% over the last month, whereas his rival Romney saw an increase of 10.8% – quite a gulf isn’t it? On the other hand, Romney still has a long way to go till he reaches 27 million fans that Obama has – but it would be unfair to make the comparison because fans of Obama have been accumulated for the last 5 years since his election.

In what makes for strange reading, the numbers for Twitter were completely different and told us a different story. Between Monday and Tuesday, President Obama added more than 36,000 followers, while Romney added a paltry 2000.

Return of the Jack

You don’t know Jack is back. The classic trivia game is back and is live on Facebook. It was launched last Tuesday as an online game. Jellyvision has created a new version of the game and its all social this time. It will be a freemium style game and will pit social networking user scores against each other.

Friends can play against each other or they can play to beat their friend’s score in a previous game. During each game, you can see what you have scored and where you are placed. The meaningless trivia game is one of the few ‘social’ games of the social networking era.

Every player can play one free game every day. If you play well, you might get another game for free. After that, you can play more games by paying something about 30 to 40 cents per game.

The irrelevant trivia game will have you hooked to it in no time. Each game will have five questions. They could be questions asking you to match a word with another, gibberish rhyming or even multiple choice trivia questions that needs twisted understanding.

Facebook debut on Wall Street igniting up the expectations of the investors

Facebook the world’s No.1 online social networking site has raised about $16 billion making it one of the biggest initial public offerings or IPO in the American History. Rumors are rife with speculation about how much higher will the valuation goes up, once the actual trading begins. Facebook priced its offering at $38 per share on Thursday. But there is some amount of bullishness that is doing rounds as some expect that the price of the share would rise by about 30 percent or more on Friday.

Facebook is valued at $104 billion and is bigger than the combined valuation of Hewlett Packard and Starbuck Corp thereby raising higher expectations and speculation about its valuation when once the shares start trading under the FB Symbol at NASDAQ at around 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Facebook’s chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg is expected to ring the bell at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters today morning to official commence the trading session on the NASDAQ.

Facebook is in for the joyride of their lives

Jetpack JoyrideJetpack Joyride the game with many addicted followers breaking into labs is now on Facebook in a beta version. This immensely popular iOS game from Halfbrick has attracted an ardent following on iOS and its release on Facebook will introduce it to all the non-iOS folks who may now compete against each other to attain the highest Jetpack Joyride scores.

This game from Halfbrick the folks behind the very popular Fruit Ninja franchise, is an interesting role playing exercise where you as Barry Steackfries have to sneak into a laboratory and pinch a jetpack. Once you do so, one touch controls let you pilot the jetpack to pick up coins and power ups while you dodge lots of obstacles.

This Facebook version of Jetpack Joyride will include the newest upgrades that have been released only two weeks ago. Allowing you to use coins earned in the game to buy various gadgets like boots with springs or missiles that are easy to dodge and customize Barry’s clothes, his shoes, and his jetpack. You can even take in-game screenshots that you can share on Facebook immediately. Additionally the very social nature of Facebook allows you to compete with your friends much more easily than you do on the iOS as you do not need an iOS Games Center Account. The game automatically loads the leader board, recognizing your progress and mission goals you accomplished after each attempt allowing you to see how you are faring.

Facebook addiction tests show women and young people are at more risk

Social networking websites are good instruments to connect to the world, meet new people, socialize and interact with them online. But one has to keep in mind that everything comes with advantages and also has a fair amount of drawbacks. The social networking website that captures the attention of most people nowadays is Facebook. It has become a rage among the youngsters and also other age groups. These social networking websites make their website attractive and luring to their users so that more and more people join them.

But this is causing people to become glued to their computers and laptops for using this website which leading to detrimental effects on their social and personal life. They have become addicted to these websites and their addiction is similar to that of alcoholics and drug addicts. It has been found out by researchers that most of the people who are getting adversely affected of such websites are youngsters, women and also those who are suffering from low self-esteem. Facebook dependency is the word used for a person who uses this website redundantly Youngsters are using much of their time to get connected to new people around the world and make new friends, but this is also causing them to forget their social and personal life. It’s affecting their studies adversely and is unpropitious for them if used too much.

Social Media to play yet another role

Three months ago, a fifty year old videogame marketing consultant from San Diego named Michael Shelling added another purpose to his Facebook page. He needed a new kidney for his transplant and he decided to tap in to his social network. He set up a new Facebook page to reach out to his friends and their friends and friends of friends. The search has borne fruit; he has found a willing donor who is being tested.

Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook and their Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg are encouraging their users to use their personal pages to help each other out. Zuckerberg has asked his users to update their organ status on their page. Facebook wants to be a medium that facilitates such communication.

Zuckerberg said, “We think that people can really help spread awareness of organ donation and that they want to participate in this to their friends, and we think that can be a big part in helping to solve the crisis”


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