Riding on a Race Rodeo

Retarded clowns that bully Jehovah’s visions of a melting pot are foolishracists, distracting and hacking into our common sense reaping a prototypical prejudice that the future should deem baseless.  Black, white and yellow people sexually stick to loving down their own kind based on national pride, cultural cohesiveness and fear of burning the beautiful portraits of their race’s legends (Buddha, Christ, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, Barack Obama, Gandhi etc.); it is abhorrent that in today’s violent world there are so many fervent fools plagued by religion, politics as well as philosophy who pitifully stare at their fellow man of a different God-given moldand think of them as anugly creature rather than aperson who not only could they share sexual bliss with but become each other’s teacher.  The sky is an eternal optimist who for most of the time is blue but when the sun infiltrates with a childish shine, primary colors clash and in accordance to this occasional bash of beauty, people yearning for soul mates should lustfully crash into those that are different than them in every way (body, mind, and spirit); the damage left on streets across the world will be the broken wishes of blind satanic propriety.


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