TCU Football Players Caught Selling Drugs by Undercover Cops

In a shocking incident that came to light on Wednesday, a day after Valentines was the arrest of four TCU football players in the Forth Worth area of Texas. The arrest took place late evening when some undercover cops managed to convince those arrested about the personified identities as perspective clients. The arrested, which in total were 17 in number, had tried to sell drugs such as cocaine, marijuana , ecstasy and other prescription drugs to undercover cops whom they taken to believe as prospective clients or buyers of illicit and illegal drugs. The situation came to light with more fervor because of the involvement of four players from the TCU. Linebacker Tanner Brock, defensive lineman D.J. Yendry, offensive tackle Tyler Horn and cornerback Devin Johnson were all indicted in selling of illegal drugs alongside 17 others who were taken into custody late Wednesday night.

The arrest has raised several questions in people’s mind about the involvement of a footballers and the kind of environment these athletes get once they become part of the clubs based on their playing talent. While the TCU Chancellor was quick to clarify that the incident could not be linked with allegations of borderline drugs issue within the athletics program, the TCU coach released a statement in which he metaphorically voiced his displeasure of the behavior of players and the precarious situations coaches these days need to deal with.


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