Return of the Jack

You don’t know Jack is back. The classic trivia game is back and is live on Facebook. It was launched last Tuesday as an online game. Jellyvision has created a new version of the game and its all social this time. It will be a freemium style game and will pit social networking user scores against each other.

Friends can play against each other or they can play to beat their friend’s score in a previous game. During each game, you can see what you have scored and where you are placed. The meaningless trivia game is one of the few ‘social’ games of the social networking era.

Every player can play one free game every day. If you play well, you might get another game for free. After that, you can play more games by paying something about 30 to 40 cents per game.

The irrelevant trivia game will have you hooked to it in no time. Each game will have five questions. They could be questions asking you to match a word with another, gibberish rhyming or even multiple choice trivia questions that needs twisted understanding.

‘Wolfenstein 3D’ now available online!

The productivity at work is expected to drop as Bethesda Software is releasing ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ as an online in-browser game. ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ is being released as a free web browser game to mark the 20th anniversary of the game’s release.

The game is considered among the earliest first-person shooter games and has also earned credit for making the genre popular on PC. It was developed by John Carmack at id Software and published by Apogee Software in 1992. It was originally released as a free shareware but later was sold as a paid PC game on many consoles. The game was inspired by the 1980’s MUSE Software computer games ‘Castle Wolfenstein’ and ‘Beyond Castle Wolfenstein’. The game released on the browser is a full version of ‘Wolfenstein 3D’. In the game you play an American soldier of Polish descent in the World War 2 era trying to escape from the Nazi stronghold of Castle Wolfenstein. After the initial escape episode the player carries five other episodes which are also organized against the Nazi operations. The game play requires you to navigate a 3D maze while fighting and fending of Nazi soldiers, attack dogs and mutant monsters. The buildings traversed contain health supplies in the form of food and medical kits and also there are various hidden treasures and rooms. There are four weapons available to the player for defense. Overall this game is action packed and exciting at every turn which makes it so hugely popular among the gamers.

The Summer Olympics puts London on Center Stage

The heavily anticipated Summer Olympics Games 2012 are approaching and are going to be held in London starting on July 27th running up to August 12th.  This is an auspicious time where more than 200 countries are represented by their best athletes for the whole world to see and cheer for.  The International Olympic Committee, founded in 1894, makes the important decision where the games will be held as well as raises funding, and decides what sports will be on display.  What has evolved is a spectacular showcase that consists of elaborate opening and closing ceremonies, and the famous carrying of the Olympic flag and torch.


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