Episcopal Church approves gay marriage by new blessings

The Episcopal Church has given green signal for gay marriage through a new Eucharist which allows the bishops and the priests to provide official blessings for same sex or gay marriages. The new rites are to be proposed and approved at the Church’s General Convention this week and will go into effect by the end of this year. The new blessings however do not amount to official marriage of the gay couples within the church as majority of bishops has voted against the measure because of the concerns that it would be taken into account as an approval as such.

The resolution to create a new liturgy for same sex unions was taken during the Church’s 77th General Convocation in Indianapolis on Monday with 111 votes in favor and 41 opposing it. The resolution is known as A049 will now move to the House of Deputies that is made up of both the lay people and clergy. Some of the bishops who spoke against the resolution were worried about the decision that would put the Episcopal Church out of the Christian mainstream.

The resolution was amended by the committee to indicate that “no priest, bishop, deacon, or lay person shall be forced or penalized in any manner nor would suffer any canonical disabilities as a result of his or her scrupulous objection to or support for the 77th General Convention’s action with regard to the Same-Sex Relationships.”


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