A period of transition with Computer Science as a Major at Stanford

Stanford University one of the premier centers for higher learning and research in the field of global education is showing the way about how the era’s culture and history has been changing. There is a massive change in the majors that were studied by the students during 1955 and today. During the periods of 1955 and 1965 there was a time when any graduate opting for liberal arts as a major landed to work in a business. At that time history was the most popular major with Political Science and Economics following behind.

The period of 75’s saw the emergence of Psychology that ruled as major. The emergence of Ronald Regan as the President of United States of America led the popularity of Finance as a major ruled the era and by 1985 the subject of Economics attracted them.  In 1995 just before the emergence of internet technology the most popular majors were Biological Sciences and Human Biology with the third spot given to Economics.   Now the latest statistics released from the university’s engineering school revealed that Computer Science is the most popular major at Stanford.


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