Yahoo surprises by appointing Google’s Mayer as CEO

Yahoo Inc picked up Google Inc’s Marissa Mayer to become its new CEO which is a surprise choice. Marissa Mayer had already established herself as an engineer with enough credentials from Silicon Valley and with her appointment, signals a new focus on technology of this struggling internet company. Thirty seven years old Mayer edged out front runner and acting CEO Ross Levinsohn to become Yahoo’s third CEO within a year. The news of Yahoo’s appointing new CEO helped in pushing up its shares up by 2% to $15.97 after the trading hours.

Yahoo further informed that Mayer would assume her role on Tuesday when the company is scheduled to report its quarterly financial results. Her appointment as a CEO brings in a new strategy to focus on web technology and products instead of beefing up online content. She is Google’s twentieth employee and is the first female engineer to led various businesses at Google that include the designing of its flagship search engine and its location and local service businesses. She was credited for picturing the simple and clean Google search interface that is still in use today and a major selling point for the web surfers.

Ms. Mayer is recognized in Silicon Valley as focused more on technology than content as opposed to Levinsohn who in just few months during his helm tried to push a strategy of strengthening the company’s online content with media partnerships. Mayer hopes to stem losses to Google and Facebook what her high profile predecessors failed to do so.

Updating of Google+ with the new iPad & iPhone versions

Google announced on Tuesday that Google+ is now available on the iPad with the release of its latest version of iOS application. The Version 3.0 of the app for the iPhone now features an iPad optimized layout and support for the Retina display. Previously, Google was only offering support for iPhone but the current new app will allow the users to do Google+ Hangouts from their iPad as well. This app also supports the Goggle+ Events which is a useful feature for the users in pooling and displaying their event photos.  The other features also include the video chat with up to nine friends at a time.

On both the iOS devices the user can now be able to create and manage the Google Events. The users can also create an event, manage comments, add photos and see who is coming to the event. The users can also attach an instant upload photos to post.  Google informed that it has designed the new app with the iPad in mind. The new interactive features of this application include-

Google not satisfied with social network tag

Google has excelled in provision of varied internet-related services which encompasses internet search, advertising technologies and cloud computing. This company has been offering its services and has also been upgrading the services in different names and forms like Google Friend Connect, Google Buzz and Orkut. The latest is the Google + after its launch on June 28th 2011 and as of June 2012 has become very popular with the people and has attracted 250 million users.

Everything’s fine, until, someone compares the above mentioned figures to that of Facebook’s stats which are truly very high when kept side by side to Google plus’s, and Google plus’s creators object calling it a social network and hence they claim that the comparison made is just baseless. They say that Google + is an upgrade to Google just like the others upgrade their websites and this is Google’s attempt to provide their users with more services and treat them to something they haven’t experienced yet. Google plus’s vice presidents think that Google plus provides those things which the users might be interested in and also have planned of a very unique advertisement strategy. But even with their new strategy the vice president doesn’t deny the fact that they might take some help from sponsored stories also.

EU law considers Google guilty of breach of privacy

In an age where information on almost all occasions is equated with economic value, the company that has taken as its responsibility the organization of world’s information is currently in breach of law set by the European Union. The ruling from the European Justice Commissioner just a few days after Google restructured its privacy policy towards making it more simple and understandable by users of the site. Google has already been in trouble before on the other side of the Atlantic because of the controversial street view feature in Google maps. The feature raised privacy issues much like the current restricting is considered to be breach of. The doubt in its privacy policy could lead to a Europe wide investigation that can be potentially harmful for the already tainted reputation of the company. The move is unlikely to have huge monetary impact of the company that enjoys immense and deep loyalty either out of convenience that users find with its products or out of pure love and respect for the company.

Google gets Motorola to defend its position against rival Apple

In a substantial bid to defend its current position, Google has been working on a number of fronts like launching a social networking platform, revamping its privacy policy, revamping its web persona and now the unparalleled and yet unrivalled search giant has acquired several patents from Motorola as a strategic move to strengthen the Android phone market. It is expected that new models of Motorola will now bear the Android version that will be seen as Google’s expansion into the mobile sphere that is currently dominated by smart phones from Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and the recently launched Lumia series from Nokia.

With an initial profile of a mere search engine, Google has delivered immense value to internet users through its thoughtful email platform and the recently launched social networking facet for its users, Google+. Although the latter hasn’t caught on, Google’s strategy is to enable the Android market by acquiring the mobile giant Motorola to extent the influence of its products over to the mobile users, which is being seen as a highly portent market especially in the Asian and South Asian markets where mobile use and presence has more than quadrupled in the last few years.

Facebook related anxiety is real and is avoidable

Facebook has largely become a phenomenon that has been more pervasive than Google or YouTube put together. Its effects have been felt over a wide range of aspects like friendships, politics and business while it has increased the depth of virtual interactions through its very interestingly designed platform. The global reach of Facebook has not only made records but also broken a few. It has given people an opportunity to connect with long lost friends and estranged family members while acting as a consistent connectivity medium to those who are far away from their loved ones. Facebook’s meteoric rise has had profound effects on the way human beings are connected and how they react. Adding a new facet to human social and cultural cognition, Facebook has induced a new realm of study in the context of technology shaped human behavior and interactions.

Google set to change strategy: what to expect

The search giant has monopolized the search market and influenced the way web marketing, as we know today, exists. It has provided the ways and means to get known online and increase the “air-time” through right methodologies at the disposal of many online marketing enterprises. However, besides monopolizing the market, Google has been careful of its competitors, especially Bing and green revolution influenced Ecosia. Although, the market share for both of these is nothing in comparison to Google and its partners, the controversial information collection and sourcing practiced by the search giant isn’t going down so well with people who are already vary of the companies intent on using personal information under the pretext of providing targeted advertisements and promotional offers.

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