Governor Scott’s executive order to drug test state employees ruled out

Governor Rick ScottLast year Governor Rick Scott had ordered for all state employees to go through drug tests, even if they weren’t suspected of drug use. The new hires were included too. He said it was similar to the financial disclosure that applies to some employees.

Ursula Ungaro, the district judge called his reasoning obscure. She said his motives are hardly transparent. She strongly feels that it violates the Fourth Amendment of search and seizure protections of the US Constitution.

When asked about her decision she said “He offers no plausible rationale explaining why the fact that a state employee’s work product and financial status are publicly accessible leads to the conclusions that the employee’s expectation of privacy in his or her bodily functions and fluids are then diminished”.

But Governor Scott, who has previous experience in the health care field, has his own reasons. He still believes that it is common sense to drug test state employees. He thinks this will one of the ways to ensure that the country will have safe, efficient and productive workforce. He also said “That is why so many private employers drug-test, and why the public and Florida’s taxpayers overwhelmingly support this policy. I respectfully disagree with the court’s ruling and will pursue the case on appeal”.


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