Green spaces within urban conglomerate cities boost wellbeing

The green spaces such as parks, gardens within the concrete jungle of cities have a positive impact on the people living nearby. A recent research carried on the subject of how important is green space to people for better or worse in cities by Mathew P. White and colleagues of the European Center for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter in Truro –Cornwall wrote about their findings in a paper. This paper is due to be published online this week in the Journal “Psychological Science” suggests that green space that included gardens produced happier urban dwellers.

Other studies have also discovered the connection between green space and better mental health on people living near the green spaces. White’s study was undertaken to measure the actual effects of the green space on individual’s mental health and happiness. White and his colleagues described how they examined the data from the national survey that followed the United Kingdom households for a time and even after taking into account differences in income, marital status, employment, physical health, and type of housing. These factors resulted in finding out that city dwellers reported higher life satisfaction and less mental distress when they lived in greener areas.


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