The Gun Debate

It’s plain to see that violence is running rampant in various countries causing suffering and human trauma.  It is engrained in the human psyche to sometimes explode on your fellow man.  The use of guns as a means to destroy another individual is a subject that has been debated countless times.  It is written in the constitution that we have a right to bear arms, but do we really?  Self-defense is important but at what lengths must we go to feel protected and not in danger.

Tragedies have been occurring with witless, angry, monsters buying guns at stores and than going on killing sprees.  Imagine a world where guns didn’t exist and men would have to fight instead of shoot.  Only cowards that know they are the weaker man subscribe to the utilization of weapons to face their opponents.  What are we teaching to the next generation of people that yearn for peace and compassion? That it is better to hate and let loose on someone than demonstrate self-control, awareness of demons, and composure.


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