Common Signs of Lung Cancer You Need To Watch For & How to Treat The Problem

Cancer is a serious problem that affects many people around the world. There are various types of cancer that will affect different people such as liver, stomach, cervical, and breast cancer. The cancer that causes the most deaths among men and women is lung cancer.

This cancer is the excessive development of abnormal cells that begin in one or both lungs and eventually grow to be tumors. The lung will stop being able to give oxygen to the bloodstream as the tumors grow bigger and more in numbers.

Some people will experience primary lung cancer where the cancer originates in the lungs, while others will experience secondary lung cancer where the cancer begins in another place inside the body and reaches the lungs.


Some people who have lung cancer don’t show any signs prior to them getting a diagnosis. They aren’t aware they even have the cancer until they go to get a routine X-ray or CT scan for another reason. However, some people don’t know the signs to look out for and end up ignoring them when they present themselves.

Hard Time Swallowing

A common sign of lung cancer is pain or a hard time while swallowing. Some experts believe that people who experience this symptom are more likely to die from lung cancer.

Feeling Stressed? 6 Ideas To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Dealing with stress can be incredibly detrimental to your everyday happiness and well-being. You might be stressed about your job, family life or relationship issues that you’ve been handling. There are six key ways to decrease your stress levels and feel better even if everything around you feels as though it is falling apart.

Go for a Massage

One way to decrease stress levels is to go for a massage once or twice a week. There are many massage parlors that you should be able to simply walk right into and get service. If you do not have a parlor locally, consider buying massage chairs that can be used right in your own home or you might want to have a loved one give you a massage.

Meditate and Relax

Meditation requires you to clear your mind and simply focus on your breathing. This can help to put thoughts and stress factors into a different perspective so that you can handle the situation more clearly. There are a lot of meditation tapes and discs that you can buy for a guided and more personalized meditation experience.

5 Body Parts That Modern Medicine Can Replace

Medical science has come a long way, and doctors can now replace several body parts. This allows people to continue enjoying their independence, range of motion and high quality of life. Here are just five of the amazing replacement surgeries people can benefit from today.

A Beautiful Smile

Your teeth aren’t just for grinding and breaking down food. They are also important for maintaining the shape of your face and a beautiful smile. When teeth are missing, it affects your overall appearance. There was a time when dentists could only replace missing teeth with bridges or dentures, but people can now benefit from dental tooth implants. With permanent implants, single teeth can be permanently replaced to ensure that you maintain your beautiful smile.

Artificial Hips

Hip pain can be unbearable, but the good news is that people don’t have to live with it. A prosthetic socket and ball can effectively replace aging hips and allow people to continue their active lifestyles. In addition to replacing hips that are seriously broken in accidents, doctors can also replace hips that are wearing down from arthritis.

A cheap and portable device for testing malaria

Malaria as a deadly disease is the world’s biggest killer that is killing over 600,000 people annually mostly children. A breakthrough of sorts has been achieved in detecting the onset of malaria in the early stages through a device that measures electrical properties of red blood cells or RBC’s. The researchers hope that their findings will lead to a portable low cost yet highly sensitive device that can diagnose malaria on the spot with just a drop of blood. Anantha Chandrakasan and his colleagues (team) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) wrote about how they had developed and tested their experimental device in the journal Lab Chip.

This device spreads the drop of blood on an electrode that can count individual cells as they stream past and it can take very accurate reading of their impedance or electrical resistance. During their previous studies, the team has already established that the diseases like malaria alter the electrical properties of red blood cells. Researchers believe that the same technology can be used to diagnose other diseases that change the electrical properties of red blood cells. During their study, the researchers investigated the strain P.falciparum. This parasite enters the blood stream and through its invasion makes the blood cells more magnetic and rigid.

However, these changes can be detected by various diagnostic devices even though the changes does not occur until the parasite reaches a more advanced stage, when the red blood cells starts sticking to small blood vessels, blocking circulation and causing severe symptoms. The new device is sensitive to another property that is measurable in the earliest parasite stage that is ring stage. The property measured by this device is electrical resistance or impedance. This portable device can take very accurate measurements of the size and phase of electrical impedance of individual cells.

Preschoolers’ obesity linked to sugary drinks

Researchers have found that Preschoolers’ who consumed sugary drinks are more likely to gain excess weight than those who drink less sugar-sweetened beverages. According to the studies carried on by Mark DeBoer, MD, of the University of Virginia’s Department of Pediatrics in Charlottesville, among the four years old and five years old, a higher rate of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption was associated with higher body mass index or BMI (BMI, P<0.05 and P<0.001, respectively). A higher odds ratio for obesity was seen at age 5 (1.43, 95% CI 1.10-1.85, P<0.01).

Even though the association for obesity was not seen in the in 2-years old but those who drank sugary drinks had a greater increase in BMI over the next two years as opposed to infrequent and non drinkers (P<0.05). This study was carried on by surveying the parents of a nationally representative group of 9,600 children when kids were two, four and five years old. The respective parents of these kids reported on their income, education and spoke about how often the children drank sugary beverages and watched television.

The final message that emerges from this study for practitioners and parents is to remain vigilant about children’s sugary consumption habits as noted by the Keith Ayoob, Ed.D, RD of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. Sugary beverages has been linked with a host of health problems that include increased risks of genetic obesity, keeping on excess pounds in adults but little research has done to evaluate health risks of sodas and sport drinks in younger children. Kids were considered obese if they have body mass index or BMI above the 95th percentile for their age and gender as calculated by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. About 15% of five-years-old in the study was obese.

How to Treat Hearing Loss Naturally

Since there are no visible signs, hearing loss is a condition that many people tend to ignore. In fact, a lot of people who are suffering from hearing loss don’t even know they’re suffering from it. This is the main reason why people experiencing a loss of hearing don’t get the treatment they need to help their problem.

What Signs To Look For

When it comes to recognizing hearing loss it may be difficult initially. However, if you look out for some of the common signs you’ll be able to quickly identify this problem and begin treatment. Some of the typical signs of hearing loss include:

  • Trouble hearing what people are saying to you.
  • You can hear but the sounds you’re hearing are muffled or you can’t figure out the exact words someone is saying to you.
  • You have to listen to the TV or radio at a much higher volume level than you used to.
  • You hear weird sounds in your ear like buzzing or ringing.
  • You’re experience some itching, pain, or irritation in your ear.
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Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We all know the detrimental effects that smoking can have on the body, causing many different illnesses and problems. Of course we know the long-term health benefits of quitting smoking, however there are also numerous amounts of short-term effects that will benefit you hugely.

Not only can quitting smoking help with your health, it can improve your quality of life and may even add years to your life. It is never too late to quit smoking and even though it can be a difficult addiction to overcome, it will be worth it when you see the improvements it has made to your lifestyle.

Non-smokers have an improved fertility rating, finding it easier to get pregnant. Of course, when pregnant it is important to give up the habit in order to protect your baby from harmful toxins and increase the chances of you having a healthy baby. Those who don’t smoke are less at risk of suffering from a miscarriage while also increasing the chances of conceiving through IVF. While some may believe this only applies to those who have never smoked, this isn’t the case. However, the sooner you quit the more you minimise any risks.

Not only can quitting smoking improve your health, it can also improve your exercise regime. Those who have smoked for years find it more difficult to breath and are more likely to suffer from a smokers’ cough, this hinders your chances of having a fulfilling workout as you may not be able to exercise for the desired amount of time. Within nine months it is likely that your lung capacity will increase by 10%, emphasising the detrimental effects tar and tobacco have.

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Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Foolproof Home Remedies

Medically known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which occurs due to a combination of environmental (bacteria, allergens) and inherited factors that make some individuals more prone to contract this skin condition than others. Although eczema is not a contagious skin disorder, it affects people of all ages, including newborns and infants. According to statistics, over 15 million Americans suffer from eczema at one point in their lives. The main symptom of eczema, although not constant is itching. This extremely common skin disorder has no cure; however specialized treatment can relieve symptoms and prevent further outbreaks on the skin area affected by eczema. In addition to conventional treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, there are several natural remedies with proven effectiveness in eczema relief.

Causes of Eczema

While the underlying causes of this skin condition are not fully known by medical specialists and researchers, it is believed that the presence of Celia disease and various forms of allergies might trigger the occurrence of eczema in some people. Individuals who have dry skin or who subject their skin to extreme temperatures are prone to developing eczema. Daily stress is also another potential cause of this skin disorder and it can worsen the symptoms. Consumption of foods such as dairy, peanuts, eggs and fish might also trigger symptoms associated with eczema. In addition, direct and long-term exposure to various air pollutants, allergens and irritants might make the already present symptoms worse.

Risk Factors of Eczema

  1. Exposure of the skin to harsh conditions ( an environment with low humidity, too hot/too cold water, too hot/too cold temperatures)
  2. Improper hygiene, which is also responsible for causing allergic conditions as well as asthma; many people experience an allergic reaction to house dust mites, which in turn triggers the occurrence of eczema;
  3. Genetic factors, including a family history of allergies to various plants, foods or certain chemicals
  4. Young age – 65% of the cases involve infants under the age of 1; small children under the age of 5 are the most affected (90% of the cases).
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Report finds not all top hospitals are always top for surgery

Some of the “America’s Best Hospitals” do not always live up to their expectations or reputations when it comes to handling surgery according to a new report released. The Consumer Union (CU) Report used newly available federal government data to look at how patients fared after surgery at nearly 2,500 hospitals in 50 states. The report found some of the big name hospitals did not do well in preventing infections and other measures of quality care. Some busy urban hospitals that care for the poorest and sick patients often did surprisingly well.

The Consumer Union (CU) report figures state that patients going in for surgery care about many things from how kind are the nurses are and how the quality of food is. In addition, they care utmost is whether they stay in hospital longer and they should and whether they would come out alive. The CU also broke down detailed findings for five common procedures that included back surgery, hip and knee replacement, angioplasty to clear out clogged arteries of the heart and carotid artery surgery to unplug the neck artery.

This non-profit publisher of Consumer Union (CU) Reports magazine used two measures one rating is based on the percentage of Medicare patients who died in hospital during or after the surgery and the other rating based on percentage who stayed in the hospital longer than expected based on standards of care for their condition. The surprising pack of hospitals that emerged from these findings was the two of Washington D.C.’s flagship hospitals Med Star Washington Hospital Center and Sibley Memorial Hospital, both getting the poorest overall rating for patients receiving surgery. The John Hopkins Hospital that is associated with the one of America’s prestigious medical school only got an average rating.

McDonald is considered as the cheapest and most nutritious food

McDonald considered as the trademark of American food dream and then later on renounced for its dangerous health risk has now reclaimed its status according to some as the cheapest, the most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history. Ralph Thomas made this claim to Freakonomics authors and radio broadcasters who are well known for showing the ‘hidden side’ of everything by fitting economics to popular culture. Stephen Dubner who had co-author of the Freakonomics blog along with fellow economist Steven Levitt recently posed the question on the wNYC podcast, Freaknomics radio.

The question was what food did one reader Ralph Thomas calls the cheapest, most nutritious and beautiful food that has ever existed in human history? The food that was voted for is none other than McDonald’s McDouble that has 390 calories, 23 grams of protein and 7% of recommended dietary fiber. This was in contrary to radio host Kai Ryssdal’s best guess of “tofu”, “soy”. The McDonald’s McDouble certainly has the Freaknomics authors thinking and therefore they put up for discussion as part of their “A Burger a Day” radio podcast.

However, the responses of nutritionists have been largely divided ever since they are queuing up to have their say. Senior nutritionist Alosya Hourigan opined that a serious flaw in the claim is the fat and salt content of the burger. She informed that even though the burger may supply some nutrients, the consumers must need to remember that it includes a high amount of saturated fat and salt or sodium as most of the takeaway fast foods are. Therefore, food that is high in saturated fat and salt is not very healthy. It is also observed that consumers of burgers usually consume ‘fries’ and ‘soft drinks’ which further raises the saturated fat, kilojoules, sodium and adds in unhealthy amounts of added sugars as well.


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