The President Backs Obamacare

The constitutionality of President Obama’s signature legislation the “Patient protection and Affordable Care Act” is being deliberated upon by the Supreme Court. Final arguments are to be heard by Wednesday and a verdict is expected in June, just in time to play a starring role in this year’s Presidential campaign. The Republicans are already scathing about the Act and have vowed to dismantle it if they were to come to power; this is an interesting about face for Mr. Romney as this Act has its origins in a law that he had passed as Governor of Massachusetts.

President Obama has recently stated that a rejection of this law would be an act of “Judicial Activism” and that it is not the place of the Justices of the Supreme Court to overturn a law that has been passed by elected representatives of the people. In a strongly worded statement the President reminded conservative commentators of their staunch opposition to what they see as Judicial overreach and a lack of judicial restraint.

Obama’s healthcare plan in court: Supreme Court to decide its fate by late June

Obama’s much debated healthcare plan has been embroiled in controversies and objection by a majority of people, both government officials as well as informed citizens. The bill that mandates that everyone avails a health insurance by 2014 or pay penalty before claiming a refund hasn’t gone down well with a many. With 26 out of 50 states challenging the bill which is being proposed to be turned into a law by Republican Obama has faced opposition in all quarters including that of certain Republicans as well.

The law according to those Republican who have sought to steer clear of the current administration’s policies regarding health care have argued that the bill if turned into  law will financially burden not just individuals but also companies and businesses which have recently managed to find their own two feet and are stabilizing the tumultuous economy. Others who have been denoted as the challengers to Obama’s plan have vehemently argued against and opposed this plan. They argue that while financial burdening is one aspect of the health care bill, the repercussions it may have will impact not just the kind of food you prefer to eat but also various other lifestyle choices. The challengers are of the opinion that government should not dictate what product a citizen should buy and a citizen’s choices should not be, either directly or indirectly, be influenced or scrutinized by a government policy unless that drives a larger good for the entire country.

Health care compromise? Not a chance

Medicine comes up rearing its ugly head in our lives and whether or not, we have to take it so that our sickness subsides, hopefully never to return.  The pharmaceutical industry has grown into a monster for the past century, and everyone collectively feels the financial daggers from insurance and doctors that both immorally overcharge.  Sometimes I am at a loss for words when doctors, because the innocent patient doesn’t have insurance, refuses to provide his services in order to keep his bottom-line.  It is plain to see that the debacle of healthcare in the house and senate truly makes for the devil’s workshop, where men and woman cursed with idle minds only to bask in asea of cash.   Where is compromise?  It is plain to see that America’s

Politicians just care about one thing, inflating lobbyist’s agendas.


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