Food, Beverage and Physical Activity Choices Matter for a Healthy Heart

A number of people out there have a family history of heart disease. It’s becoming more and more common today with our sedentary lifestyles. The reasons for this could be a mixture of genetics, environment, lifestyle and being physically inactive.

The good news is we can change it. If we want a healthy heart, it’s in our own hands. We have to make informed and appropriate choices when it comes to food, beverages and physical activity. It’s just not enough to sit up and pay attention, we have to get up and move.

We hear all the time about how physical activity is good for our health. We have to be smart about picking a physical activity when it comes to the health of our heart. A cardiovascular exercise like walking or jogging will prove appropriate. It’s good for the heart, muscles and bones. This is very important for women nearing their 40s.


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