Diplomacy seems to be the only option with Syria

The conflict ridden country which has seen continued clashes and civilian as well as military deaths since March last year, hasn’t seen much change rather things on the ground seem gloomier for the people of Syria who are battling not just the agitations within the country but conflicting opinions about the reality of the situation around the world making the end seem farther that they had imagined. While talks and discussions in the west and the middle east after Kofi Annan’s peace plan proposal for Syria was introduced, have gained renewed pace the extent of their impact is essentially a function of the receptiveness of the Assad administration in Syria which is facing increasing international pressure and internal security failure making the entire situation turn against the government which claims to have no part in the blood bath and civil disruptions which were a collective result of masked militia and hysteria created by the opposition as a means of turning the populace against the pro-Iranian government to facilitate American-Israeli interests in the region.

Hillary Clinton: From First Lady to Secretary Of State and Now World Bank Head?

Hillary Clinton is one of the very few American women who have done it all. She has been the first lady by default after her husband’s win, she became a Presidential hopeful until giving up against to the current president and was then the Secretary of State, a position she currently holds. If she has done all this and possible more with grace is a question open to the readers as there are as many fans of this blonde all-American former first lady as there are critics. Her race for the Presidential position not so long ago got her brickbats for less than qualified comments and gaffes and untimed laughs that made her a social media joke to some extent. However, the position she undertook also got her fans in the American women, most gay men and most feminists of the country.

Could America Have a First Female Vice President?

As the presidential contests are heating up, many moves are being made.  There are politicians in both parties who have important decisions to make in the political game, which has many possible schemes.  Barack Obama is mulling over the decision to fight for the regaining of his presidency with Hillary Clinton as the vice presidential candidate.  This would be a smart move because of the Clinton legacy that was left during times of economic prosperity, a limit of troop deployment, and public satisfaction (despite the Lewinski and Whitewater scandal).


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