Five Ways Hoarding Not Only Affects You But Everyone Around You

If you keep an overload of items in Dallas TX self storage, keep in mind that hoarding not only affects you but everyone around you. There are at least five ways hoarding could cause a problem. Here are some suggestions for what you can do to reduce any negative affect.

1. Unwieldy stacks of items can be hazardous.

Tripping is a concern for anyone who has to work his way through stacks that might fall on him at any moment. Secure stacks of papers with string or tape to keep them together. Make sure to place boxes only on top of whatever can bear their weight.

2. Uncovered food can be a health hazard.

No one likes to deal with the bugs and animals that leftover food brings. Pests usually don’t limit themselves to the main area; they often invade spaces nearby. Your neighbors won’t appreciate them. Cover or remove any exposed food. You may need to use pesticides or other chemical treatments to keep control.


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