Christmas in Miami! A Way to Shake the Winter Blues

Everybody knows that this time of year brings Christmas cheer. It is time for cocoa, snow ball fights, and warm sweaters right? Well, the reality is that not everyone basks in the glory of cold weather scenarios. For those people winter means flu, deicing your car every morning, and cold noses. So, below are some tips to make their holiday season merrier!

Trade Snow for Sand

Snow can be fun, but only when you are able to sit around and really enjoy it. It is not so fun if you have to suffer daily travel through it and fight Jack Frost against your will. Try travelling down south to Miami or similar warm regions and fight the sand crabs instead. As an added benefit, a family vacation will give you an excuse to avoid those unwanted family get-togethers. Besides, it may be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your spirit and get your mind work
ready before your return.

Exploring Edinburgh – Some Must Do’s Along The Way

Everyone should visit Scotland at one point in their lives. Although its rolling hills and breath-taking views are often compared to that of rural New Zealand, it really is a country really like no other. Scotland offers it all. Whether you are a city slicker wanting to experience some of the world’s best cities, or a county bumpkin wanting to relax amongst tranquil peaceful settings, you can experience both these things in Scotland.

If the the hustle and bustle of city life is for you, here are some of the amazing things to see and do in Edinburgh:

  • Spend some time in the Lothians and visit the National Museum of Flight. Four hangars have aircraft that detail the history of aviation with both military and civilian craft.
  • Visit Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots. The chapel, fountains and wildlife- rich lowlands and loch make it a spectacular place.
  • Hopetoun House has remained virtually unchanged in over three centuries, and was built in the 1600′s. For architecture enthusiasts, the experience is impossible to pass by.
  • Tour the House of the Binns, occupied by the same family since 1612. Two hundred acres and a collection of furniture spanning four centuries is well worth seeing. 
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Keeping your saneness intact when travelling with friends

Vacationing with friends does not sound too stressful but it can be miserable if the travel plans are not executed in a proper manner. It has been observed that travelling plans may go awry by nagging friends, companions who often complain, and even noisy family members. The following steps will help in avoiding pitfalls of going insane when travelling with friends and these are:

  • Choosing travel partners or friends carefully- It is very important to choose your company of friends wisely and make sure that you are compatible with the friends with whom you are planning to travel and that you have similar interests and tastes. It is important to discuss your travel plans with each other. Traveling with like minded friends and achieving a right balance is an important part of picking friends with whom to travel with as per the views expressed by Meryl Pearlstein – a veteran travel blogger.
  • Do decide on budget- The most important reason for tensions among friends while travelling is money. It does not matter if you and your friends are in the same tax bracket and it also does not mean that your friends would also like to spend money on travel the same way as you are thinking.  Some people who can afford five star accommodations may think that it is waste of money as they are only going to sleep there, whilst for others their stay is a part of travel experience that they are looking forward to the most.   It is also important to bear in mind to have a clear decision about who will be paying for what. Things to budget for include groceries, parking garages, cleaning supplies, resort fees, park admissions, event tickets, eating out etc.

More Americans on travelling spree are hitting the road for holidays

The summer travel season is heating up with more and more Americans travelling by road in their cars with stable gas prices. The U.S airline industry is expecting a decline in the holiday travelers by air as more Americans prefer to travel by road.

A U.S. airline industry’s trade group is forecasting about 43.3 million travelers during these twenty one days surrounding the Christmas and New Years Eve. This amounts to one percent drop from the same period last year. Independent studies do suggest that the gap maybe even greater among leisure travelers.

For instance during the Memorial Day holiday about 30.7 million Americans drove to their destinations while only 2.5 million flew according to a DK Shifflet and Associates survey that conducts road studies for American Automobile Association or AAA. During Christmas and New Years holiday about 83.5 million drove by road and just 5.4 million went to their destinations by plane.

The road trip is expected to cost more than a year ago with gas prices that rose during the winter and early spring in 2012 to about $4 a gallon. Travel industry observers expected that the normal summer price rise hike would scare the consumers away from long drive trips but the gas price hike did not happen and therefore Americans are not worried about the consequences of price hike in July and August. It is estimated that only 17 percent are holding off their travel plans and are waiting to see whether the gas prices would come down or not, while the rest have made their plans of hitting the roads.

How to keep your kids entertained during summer holidays

Summer holidays brings in a lot of enjoyment for kids who are usually loaded with studies and other extracurricular activities in their schools. However, these holidays are also testing times for parents who are apprehensive about how to keep their kids entertained during these summer holidays that may be of two weeks duration or may even extend to seven weeks. Therefore, some tips are given for the parents who want to entertain their kids within their budgets during these holidays and these are:

  •  A tour to local attractions- In almost all the cities and metros there are so many local attractions that most of the people living in these cities do not have time or inclination to visit them due to their busy schedules. Therefore, now it is the time to get ready to see and visit these places with your kids and the first thing to be done is to browse information in city guides and directories to find theme parks, zoos, shopping malls, historic places, museums etc in order to get on to these places with the kids.
  • Low cost activities for kids: Another way to entertain your kids is to take them to places that do not involve spending more money and these include a tour to nearby sea beaches if your city is located in a coastal area. Going to river banks, hill stations and other natural and environmental spots that bring awareness among the kids about how the natural environment is an important aspect towards the human development.

Tourism in U.S. zoom high but overall exports remains sluggish

The tourism industry in the United States grew nearly twice and as fast as the overall exports and approximately three times as quickly as any other service trade in the country. U.S $14 billion were earned through travel exports. However, it is ironical that as other exports headed southwards, travel exports held their ground in April and grew at 13.2 percent compared with last year.

For the month beginning from April-2011 to April-2012, the increase in service exports was $2.2 billion with travel exports contributing to $1.5 billion. This growth can be attributed to the outcome of the federal government’s newly released travel and tourism policy that went a long way in satisfying many issues facing the travel industry.

The announcement of relaxation of the Bieser restrictions regarding some of the developing economies and the reducing of visa waiting times has made a huge difference. It is estimated that the travelers comprising from countries like Italy, Brazil and China spent about $5000 on their travel to the United States.  Moreover, lessening the visa waiting time has resulted in the hundreds and thousands of travelers coming to the United States and spending their money for the tourism industry in the U.S.

The best off-beat destinations in the World to unwind

Technology is a double-edged sword. For travelers it can be a boon, but for vacationers it becomes a nightmare – not allowing them to vacation to their hearts’ content. Though some holidayers might chose to constantly update themselves by checking emails at hotel wi-fi provisions or through blackberry’s, those who feel like unwinding themselves on holidays can take a look at the various destinations before finalizing their vacation plans. So here’s a look at places where you can stay off the grid at all times.

&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp in Botswana is a classical get away. To get away to this place too is an experience in itself – travelling by small plane, safari, a boat.  The classic food and guided tours are included in the price of the package. The vacationers can have a visual feast of various forms of life – both aqua and land.  Full with private pools, four-poster beds and huge soaking tubs, technology is obvious by its absence. One can come close to the world’s most exotic creatures.

Why time flies while on holidays

Why time flies while on holidaysHolidays are planned on occasions when a person is tired from his day to day life and opts for a change, in other words he is in pursue of deriving extra pleasure by changing his routine which is different from that which he follows every day. Change of place is the best way to do it. This change of place may also help him in getting rid of the day to day tensions and pressure that one experiences due to work or other factors present in the environment. Holidays play an important role in enhancing ones spirit.

Now all of us have taken holidays and we have often felt that time we spend in or during holidays tends to fly by or pass very quickly but this is not the case it’s just a psychological feeling which occurs due to some factors. It has been noted that the more you think about time its passage will be slower. When we take holidays we move away from usual routine and have more time to experience various things of which some of those might be new to us or which we haven’t experienced yet. We don’t think about time when we are having fun and the lesser we think, more time passes by or in other words, the busier we are the lesser we think about time’s passage. When a person is experiencing something which is new to him or is very exciting he doesn’t tend to get bored. Boredom is one of the factors which make us feel the slow passage of time, this is because we have nothing to do in this time interval and this makes us think about time more and more, and in the absence of this boredom which happens during holiday, time passes by quickly.

A very Merry Christmas from PeopleView Team

The traditional greeting this time of year wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. It’s a wonderful thought that conjures up images of much fun and laughter with one’s family. But I wondered if that was the original intent behind this greeting. On doing my research I realized that Christmas is actually a translation of the Old English ‘Cristes Maesse’ meaning the mass of Christ, in those times merry meant peaceful or blessed thus it was a wish for a blessed or peaceful mass of Christ.


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