Apple Plans For Ipad3 Launch in March: This time there will be no Jobs to oversee it

Steve Jobs was perhaps the most recognizable and most cherished innovator of technology who by the simple act of connecting the dots created products that became the most loved brand of technology. Having beaten his rivals at the very beginning of his career, Steve Jobs created a company that was known for its innovation more than anything else. His demise was a shock and speculations were rife about how the company would proceed with its innovative legacy once the mind behind its success was gone never to return like he once did after his initial ouster from Apple. Just before his death, Apple launched the Iphone 4S in place of the much anticipated and eagerly awaited the world over, Iphone 5. When the initial disappointment subsided, people realized the need for a 4S before a 5 can arrive into the market. Apple had outdone itself again.


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