Popular iPhone game “Temple Run” set to get adapted for comics

The Temple Run, the hit mobile video game has broken new grounds by getting into new type of media that now include the comic books and graphic novels. The Temple Run is now to be adapted for comics by ace publisher Ape Entertainment that has already produced comics for games such as “Pocket God” and “Cut the Rope”. The publisher announced that it has secured the licensing deals to adapt Imangi Studios – Temple Run and The Game Bakers’ –Squids mobile titles into their own comic book series.

The Temple Run series will be released in print and digital, providing background information on the Imangi’s popular mobile game character and settings. The comic series will dig up the back story of the game’s character and the ancient temples that the game indulges in. The comics’ digital and print versions are expected to be released in the coming months in addition to the stand alone Temple Run comics’ app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The Temple Run was released in August 2011 and has topped with ninety million downloads and is available with Apple App and Google Play Stores. Ape Entertainment has already got experience with this sort of adaptations having brought the “Cut the Rope” and “Pocket God” in the comics’ format over the past two years.

The Temple Run is the brain child of Keith Shepherd who co-founded the Washington-DC based Imangi Studios with his wife Natalia Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov. The trio created the game “Temple Run” after their 2010 iPhone game “Max Adventure” did not do well as per their expectations even though the game received some good critical acclaim but it just never received well. The “Temple Run” their next game gained popularity with huge number of users and players wanting to play the game in their Android phones.

To buy or not to buy!

It’s that time of the cycle when everybody’s expecting the release of the latest iPhone and first time iPhone buyers are skeptical if they should buy the current version or wait for the new one to release in a couple of months. So here’s the lowdown on what to do in this tricky situation for all the people yearning to get an iPhone.

Firstly, it’s kind of a tough place to be in with a ‘dumb phone’ that you want to exchange. It’s great if you can hold onto your dumb phone for a few more months until you’re eligible for an upgrade from your service provider as Apple is expected to release its latest iPhone in September for about $200. And if it does what it has done in the past then you can grab the little older iPhone 4S for $100 as Apple usually slashes the prices of the older versions by $100 once the new one is released. But if waiting is not your cup of tea and you are not eligible for an upgrade then you can consider your replacement insurance. But if you don’t have replacement insurance too then you’ll have to buy a brand new phone for which you can choose to opt for the following choices:

Updating of Google+ with the new iPad & iPhone versions

Google announced on Tuesday that Google+ is now available on the iPad with the release of its latest version of iOS application. The Version 3.0 of the app for the iPhone now features an iPad optimized layout and support for the Retina display. Previously, Google was only offering support for iPhone but the current new app will allow the users to do Google+ Hangouts from their iPad as well. This app also supports the Goggle+ Events which is a useful feature for the users in pooling and displaying their event photos.  The other features also include the video chat with up to nine friends at a time.

On both the iOS devices the user can now be able to create and manage the Google Events. The users can also create an event, manage comments, add photos and see who is coming to the event. The users can also attach an instant upload photos to post.  Google informed that it has designed the new app with the iPad in mind. The new interactive features of this application include-

A surprise package from the Virgin Mobile – Unveiling it’s prepay iphone 4S for just $30 per month

Virgin mobile USA announced the launch of its iPhone 4S prepay services thus becoming the seventh U.S. wireless company to carry the iPhone. Another surprise package from its stables is the offering of prepay plan service that will be available only for $30 per month for the U.S. consumers. However, the consumers are required to pay the full retail price for the iPhone that costs $649 for a basic model that will be available for sale from June.29th.

Overall, the phone costs about $1269 for two years of services excluding the taxes. Virgin Mobile now becomes the U.S.’s second carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepay basis. The pricing structure being offered seems quite unusual as Virgin is expecting its’ customers to pay $649 for the 16 GB phone 4S and $549 for its one-year old phone iPhone 4.

However, the other side of the coin is that this plan for the U.S. customers is cheapest iPhone Plan offered for just $35 per month including 300 Voice Minutes with an unlimited voice plan that is available for $50 per month. The plan’s price is reduced further to $30 per month in case, the customer signs up for an automatic monthly billing. This price tag is $25 per month less than that being offered by Cricket’s prepaid service through its parent Leap Wireless International Inc. and is also less than the half the cost of the cheapest plans offered by other carriers.

iPad – the third coming

Consumers are soon to be treated to a third helping of the iPad tablet. Apple execs unveiled the new HD empowered iPad Tablet at an event in California on Wednesday. This iPad tablet has a stunning new display which Apple says has more pixels than those of your HDTV with its 1080p.

The overall look of the new iPad Tablet will remain the same, with a 9.7 inch screen it will be 9.4mm thick and weigh 1.5 pounds. In addition to an extremely high resolution screen this version of the iPad uses the LTE network for 4G wireless connectivity which means that it cruise the internet at higher speeds from wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon. Also it has a more powerful processor in its A5X chip, where the X is short for the quad core graphics power built into the processor.

Apple Backtracks over Mounting Privacy Concerns

Increasing pressure from regulators has forced Apple to re-think their privacy options concerning user’s personal contacts. Until now, many apps running on the iOS platform were free to download a user’s personal contact information like phone numbers and e-mail addresses without proper consent. The matter came into light after recent revelations of Social Network “Path” downloading user’s address books and keeping them on their servers without permission. The company quickly cleaned up its act by deleting the data and modified the policy.

The exercise has come to a stage, where it’s become a common practice in the industry. Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram are some of the usual suspects when it comes to collecting such data without consent.

Congressmen Henry Waxman and GK Butterfield have come down hard on Apple and have asked them to tweak the current functionality. They have also raised questions as to why Apple has not taken the privacy of the address data as seriously as its user’s location data. In 2011, the revelation that Apple had an in-built database that could track user location created quite a stir. Apple immediately obliged and made sure such data was removed. Much in the same vein, Apple has said that any application currently collecting user data without permission was in breach of its guidelines. In the next upgrade, it has promised to make sure that users will be asked permission before any data is downloaded.


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