Get ready for jelly bean

This is the age of notebooks and tablets and every few days we get to see a new version of a notebook or a tablet being launched into the market. It’s sort of a race between varied companies who manufacture these products and they come up with new and varied designs and try to lure in as much people as they can. There is a kind of rage about these products in the market and many people look forward to their favorite brand of manufacturers to launch a product according to their likes and preferences.

The latest update is that Google has launched a new tablet named  Nexus 7 which is powered by the latest android 4.1(jelly bean) operating system. This attempt of the search titan is to make a mark in the already crowded market of tablets and notebooks which is currently being dominated by the giant of technology, Apple. Majority of the people are aware of the operating systems being upgraded from the time they were launched in 2007. The interesting thing that one has to notice here is that these operating system versions are moving up not only in the technology but also in the alphabetical order. The latest name of the operating system which powers the Google’s Nexus 7 is ‘Jelly bean’ which was preceded by ‘ice cream sandwich’ operating system.


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