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Candidates will need to be able to work independently although they will partner with another team member during each shift. Past experience in a large environment, experience with production support, and experience with ticketing systems wouldbe very helpful for this role.

A Drought in Teen Summer Jobs- Especially for Minorities

Alarm bells have rung on the teenage summer jobs in the United States with less than three out of ten American teenagers holding jobs such as busing restaurant tables, mowing lawns or running cash registers as per the data released from June to August. This fall is the lowest one in teen summer jobs in the age group of 16 to19 since World War-II and the decline is on its lowest ebb since 2000. In totality, it is estimated that more than 44% of the teens requiring summer jobs are not getting them or if they did get the job, they had to work for fewer hours than they would prefer.

The latest statistics on summer jobs released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a much gloomy picture for minority – low income teens. The chances of being employed in summer jobs for blacks, Hispanics and teens in lower income families are quiet grim.

The statistics reveals that Hispanics in families whose family income is less than $40,000 faced difficulties in finding summer jobs (only 19% are employed) while those middle class black teens with a family income of $75,000-$100,000 were fairly better that is about 28% of them are employed. In case of African- American teens with a family income of less than $40,000 a year (14% are employed) and in case of white teens with a family income of $100,000-$150,000- 44% are employed.

The State of Arizona ranks highest in the United States for its share of U.S. teens who are not able to get the summer jobs they desired and the unemployment rate among teens in this state is 58%. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the teen employment may never return to pre-recession levels. The reason for a sharp decline in the teen summer job employment is attributed to the immigrants, older workers and debt laden college graduates who are taking away low-skill work as they are facing turmoil in finding their own jobs in the weak economy.

United States employment prospects look dull in the midst of Euro zone Debt Crisis

The latest U.S. Job report does reflect a gloomy employment situation in the United States with the creation of just 69,000 jobs. This figure is far less than the expected 165,000 jobs that economists hoped to get created this season amidst the Euro Zone Debt crisis. The news of dismal job report left the U.S Stocks bleeding and felling more than 2 percent on Friday thereby dragging the Dow Jones into a negative territory.

The job growth rate in the United States is the slowest and weakest during the past 12 month period. In addition to the alarming job outlook in the United States, investors are having fears about the Euro Zone debt crisis that resulted in the unemployment growth rate to peak at 11% in Europe. Leading economists opine that in case the Euro zone fractures then it will lead to the economy of United States facing a critical situation.

The jobless or unemployment rate at this point of time in United States is around 8.2 percent with the month of April being too worse for hiring. The payrolls figures have been revised down from 115,000 to 77,000 jobs only being added. The pay roll figures for the month of March were also revised down. Thus, for the straight three months period the job rate turned weak when compared with the job growth rate earlier this year, when the U.S economy was adding jobs of over 200,000 per month.

Service sector growth and hopes associated with it

Service sector growthThe ADP National Employment Report released in March showed the private sector growth was on the rise. The private sector added 209,000 positions last month which was slightly above the economists expectations of a 200,000 gain in jobs. ADP also revised the job gains seen in January and February to 182,000 and 230,000 respectively. This report is jointly developed with Macroeconomic Advisers LLC.

The analysts said that it would not change their forecasts for the governments more comprehensive labor market report due on Friday that includes public and private sector employment. Data from other sources revealed that the U.S service sector also showed signs of growth in the last month though the pace of overall growth slowed which the analysts say was expected as the index ran up to a year high in February. Anthony Chan, chief economist, JPMorgan Private Wealth Management said “the positive effects seen at the beginning of the year are starting to wear off but the easing in activity is not as bad as some had feared and overall the data tells us that the recovery continues uninterrupted”. These reports were overshadowed on Wall Street as investors were disappointed by the Federal Reserve’s decision to back away from the idea of launching a third round of monetary action as there was a gradual improvement in the recovery, minutes from the U.S central banks last meeting on Tuesday showed. This caused the U.S stocks to go down more than 1% in afternoon trading. The federal reserves assessment remained cautious while the economists expect a slow growth in the first quarter compared to 3% annualized rate seen in the last months of the previous year.

How Your Job Makes You Fat, Sick and Stressed Out

Have you ever thought that your job is making you sick, stressed or even kill you young?  It all happens in America.

Over the last 40 years, America has seen a lot of changes in its workspaces. With the invasion of computer occupying work desk leading to people sitting more and with less or no exercise we are finding new ways of getting stressed out and getting obese at the same time.

Americans being hard working, 80% of them report to work daily though it heightens the risk of packing pounds, high heart problems and dying young. In simple terms, you work hard to kill yourself.

Expensive college tuition

The knowledge base that a university grants students is a gateway to a fruitful life.  I used to feel that college was not necessary in order to be successful, and that higher learning institutions were just eating up the money of the parents that send their children there.

While I still feel that this is partly true, I have recently discovered that my knowledge base and understanding of the world was granted to me by the university I attended even though I hate to admit it.  Recently, the foolish Rick Santorum made a jab at the president who said that every child in America should aim at going to a university one day in order to build a chance for a successful livelihood in their future.  Rick called Obama a snob (implying that college was only for the rich) and said that Obama was trying to build a government that is all pervading and knows best.

Better Times Ahead as Job Market Continues to Grow

The number of new people signing up for unemployment benefits is at a three-year low, bringing huge relief to Americans across the country as the job market continues to stabilize. Labor department numbers indicate the number of claims filed at 348,000; the lowest since March 2008. That was a decrease of 13,000 from the previous week and this is the fourth decrease in five weeks. The economy has added more than 200,000 jobs over the last three months. The numbers indicate that lesser people are being laid-off, while hiring is picking up pace. It is still important to note that 13 million people are still unemployed and the unemployment rate of 8.3 percent is still relatively high. The only area of concern in consumer spending, people are still cautious about spending and it should increase as the job market continues to strengthen.

“The numbers add to the belief that the economy is shifting gears. There is just no number that is giving us a whole lot of trouble, except for consumer spending,” said Joel Naroff, chief economist at Naroff Economic Advisors in Holland, Pennsylvania.

New Jobs Bill to Curb Outsourcing

A new jobs bill has been proposed, which will make it mandatory for U.S companies to disclose the number people employed abroad. The sponsor of the bill is Rep. Gary Peters, a Democrat from Michigan. Until now, companies disclosed the number of people on their payrolls in entirety, but never broke-down the data. The new bill will ask companies to provide information regarding the number of employees Country-wise, in the U.S; the information will have to be provided State-wise.

Within the framework of the current rules, huge multi-national corporations like Apple and IBM have kept such data confidential. The Outsourcing Accountability Act, H.R. 3875 would direct firms with revenue over 1 Billion to classify such data. Companies would also have to keep a track of the increase or decrease in percentage of jobs.

Jobless Claims Declining in America: Is Omaba Finally Delivering On His Campaign Promise?

Jobless claims in America dropped drastically in December last year as reports of 200,000 new jobs being added also surfaced in the media. The economic turmoil of 2008-2009 had left a bitter aftertaste with Obama’s election to the presidential office especially after his high hopes of job creation and curtailment of off shoring of jobs. However, with most companies becoming financially buoyant due to stimulus and a changed perspective of management during crisis, the job situation is looking bright and America seems to be headed ‘in the right direction’ to exactly quote Mr. Obama in this context.


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