Sleep deprivation makes junk food most attractive

Are you deprived of sleep then the most probable chances are that you are attracted to junk food or find yourself drawn to vending machines for drawing junk food. Recent unpublished study do indicate that eating junk food such as sweets, chips, candy, pepperoni pizza etc. seems quite a good option when the concerned individuals were deprived of their normal sleeping patterns. The two part study was conducted by the principal investigator of the research team Dr.Marie-Pierre St-Onge, an assistant professor at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition in New York City that consisted of participants involving 25 men and women of normal weight.

Researchers for the study at St. Luke’s- Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University in New York, in a set of five days performed on each participant a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). These scans were taken after five nights in which the participants were allowed to sleep either for only four hours or allowed to continue up to nine hours of normal sleep. The researchers found that when the participants viewed the images of unhealthy foods while sleep deprived (only four hours of sleep) there was certain activity in the reward centers of the brain in seven different areas but the same activity was absent in the reward center when participants were allowed sufficient sleep.


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