4 Healthy Essentials For Mr. Mom

One of the greatest privileges of parenting is being able to stay at home. More and more, fathers are choosing to be primary caregivers during the day as a stay-at-home dad. This allows them to spend quality time with their children and save on child care expenses while raising happy, healthy children. They can also be productive with the following four essentials.

1. Infant Play Yard

This brilliant piece of infant gear is a must-have for every dad. As much as your child deserves your constant attention, you can’t humanly achieve this goal. However, while you spend time catching up on emails, paying bills and housework, you can feel secure knowing that your infant is safe. The play yard for babies is comfortable, soft and made out of materials that are machine washable. This ensures that they play in a germ-free and clean environment.

Bed-sharing reduces obesity risk in kids

Bed-sharing reduces obesity risk in kidsThere’s good news for all the parents who opted not to get a separate bed/cot for their little ones as according to a new study which suggests that children who sleep in their parents’ bed have a reduced risk of obesity.  The study from Denmark has found that parents who let their young children climb into bed with them during the night may decrease their child’s risk of obesity.

According to the study, children who never slept in their parents’ bed were three times more vulnerable to be overweight when compared with the children who were sleeping with their parents every night. The researchers said that the findings are contrary to the expectations that obesity is associated with poor quality of sleep i.e., young children who get too little sleep are at a higher risk of becoming obese later in life, whereas the kids who sleep with their parents are waking up in the middle of the night, every night. Also the children who sleep with their parents get a greater sense of security and emotional support which may protect them against obesity. While the children who are not allowed into their parents’ bed at night may feel rejected and lonely and such negative feelings may increase their risk of getting obese.


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