The Best, Worst Kept Secrets of a Great Leader

Being a leader can be a daunting task. While it is exciting to head up a project or lead team members to professional excellence, leaders must be careful to showcase both their personality and skill (sometimes one more than the other) to achieve success. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions that people may have about leadership, as well as secrets and tips that productive leaders live by.

A Good Leader Knows the Power of Silence

A working paper submitted to Harvard Business School asserts that leaders with strong personalities who talk often don’t create an environment that others feel comfortable sharing their ideas in. A talkative leader can be intimidating, and this effects productivity. A leader who knows that simply giving instructions and opening the floor for suggestions helps to to ensure that projects and initiatives are completed in a reasonable amount of time. The secret of silence also boosts morale among team members, and gives employees the confidence to assert themselves in the workplace. An effective leader knows that her greatest responsibility is to help those she manages discover their own leadership capabilities.

A Good Leader Knows How to Rest

Most people see a leader as the person in the company who never stops moving. The leader is supposedly always doing the behind-the-scenes work that keeps a company running smoothly. And, unfortunately, a lot of leaders believe this as well. While it is a leader’s job to do damage control for the business as needed, an effective boss or manager knows the secret of resting. When a leader is harried and stress, the other team members of the company will adopt this attitude as well.


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