LeRoy Neiman no more

Art is something which can be learnt and taught up to a certain extent but the art which captivates and mesmerizes us is natural. No person on earth could learn it. It’s just a divine endowment and only a few lucky people are fortunate enough to have it in them. One such person was LeRoy Neiman. He was one of the most famed contemporary artists in the world. He was born in St Paul, Minnesota. This great personality died on Wednesday the 20th June 2012. He was renowned for his colorful art work and paintings of sport personalities. He was equally popular to the personalities who he painted. He had painted live on mega events like ‘The Olympics’ and ‘The Superbowl’. Among the persons who he drew sketches were boxing legend Mohammed Ali, New York jets footballer Joe Namath and Baseball player Mickey Mantle and many more.

He was a patriot serving his country in the Second World War and taking part in the invasion of Normandy and later fighting in the ‘Battle of Bulge’. After serving his country in tough times he returned and joined the Chicago’s school of art institute on the G.I bill. He became the patent artist of the Playboy magazine and good friends with Hugh Hefner, Mohammed Ali and many other famous personalities. He was a carefree person and did what he wanted in his life. He never cared about the consequences as long as he thought what he was doing was right and he wanted it. He was later named as the official artist of the Olympic winter games in the year 1980 and 1984 and later in the summer games in Los Angeles in the same year. Therefore he gained fame as an athlete painter. He has painted many famous personalities like the presidents of the USA, musicians and wildlife of Africa. All of his art work was unique and peculiar. In addition to his paintings, he has authored many books. He was a great artist whose memory could never fade from our minds. He was in every sense a legend.


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