When a man sees a woman

Women have been objectified for far too long.  Men scheme, manipulate, and falsify their respective positions in life in order to how shall we say…”get into a woman’s pants.”  It’s disgusting.  The male ego is a monster that has to be destroyed.  There are so many women in the world that have become victims of men in power who tarnished their self-worth and left them with nothing to live for.  Romance is the key, not the corny art form or science called “pick-up.”  As a college student I became privy to the deplorable ways that men treat women as trophies that are only attained by shady and sickening means.  What happened to the old days when going on a date actually meant something to both of the individuals?  I am not saying that woman don’t demonstrate the same despicable traits, but I am an underdog who just so happens to be a man so I can’t speak on behalf of the other sex.

I used to hold compassion for people that didn’t know any better about love, amour, whatever you call it.  But now, seeing the damage that is being done to families, chastity etc., it is imperative that the madness cease to exist and that shallow, narcissist men be put in their place and stop disgracing woman.  When a man sees women he is attracted to, one of two things happen.  Either butterflies emerge in his stomach or he starts scheming how to achieve dominance over her and get his so-called “prize.”  The first feeling is the natural one that is granted by God, the second one is a man-mad atrocity that has evolved over the years by countless losers.


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