Amazing facts about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer – the new and dynamic CEO of Yahoo was Google’s first female engineer and was its twentieth employee when she joined the company in the year-1999. She is currently the fifth CEO of Yahoo, the struggling internet company. She is one of the few small groups of female chiefs in the Silicon Valley. Monday’s announcement of her appointment as a CEO created ripples in the world of technology and people were surprised about the exit of Mayer from Google and landing at Yahoo as its CEO. Some of the amazing facts that can be told about Marissa Mayer are:

  • She’s Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women and has been profiled by numerous other business magazines for her track record of innovations.
  • She’s responsible for the clean look of the Google’s home page with plenty of white space and a single search bar in the center and has also overseen the development and launching of several of the Google’s iconic products.
  • Mayer specializes in artificial intelligence with Bachelor’s and Master Degrees from Stanford University. Mayer focused on artificial intelligence that has become a core area of focus for Google. She also holds several patents in Artificial Intelligence and Interface design.


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