Microsoft all set to roll out Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The wait is over; we are all set to get a glimpse of the much anticipated Windows 8 operating system. The consumer preview is set to be rolled out on February 29 in Barcelona, Spain. The consumer preview is another term for a ‘Beta’ version of a software product, which provides the consumer the first look and feel of the product. The full version of the product, with necessary changes made based on the Beta version will be released later in the year.

Microsoft has sent out invitations to the press about the event. The one big surprise for all is the event chosen for the release. The event during which the release will happen is the Mobile World Congress, an event primarily to showcase Mobile phones and Tablets. It is no secret that Microsoft has long been building an operating system that would operate both on PC’s and tablets. The huge popularity and reach of Apple’s I-Pad triggered such a move.

Microsoft’s trump card is named ‘Metro’, which the company believes will take on the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The company aims to streamline the touch-enabled OS into all its offerings such as PC’s, Mobiles, Tablets, Gaming consoles and more.


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