Microsoft crosses the technological challenge with the release of Windows 8 final test version

Microsoft at last released the Windows 8 final test version that is considered to be the biggest overhaul of its Windows Operating System. This software maker giant is nearly over with its biggest challenge of creating a version that truly reflects the current software requirements that amalgamates with the latest software gadgets.

The current software version displays various applications in the form of mosaic tiles and is specially designed to run on tablet computers, laptops and desktops. The latest test version of Windows 8 is available in 14 languages that include more improvements when compared with the less refined version that was released three months ago. Windows 8 version is available with more touch screen features and more security controls.

Windows-8 is expected to revolutionize the way the windows applications are being used until now with new technological features that has been imbibed in this version for latest software gadgets. The actual sale of Window 8 version has not yet been announced by Microsoft but industry analysts expect that the software may be available in the market during the months of September or October.

Microsoft enters the e-book game with Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Microsoft is entering the e-book market by investing in Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-book. It is said to be investing $605 over a period of five years. As the digital publishing industry is thriving and the downloadable college books will be the next big thing, this will give Microsoft a successful entrance.

Microsoft will soon be launching its touch enabled Windows 8 operating system. Adding the Nook app to the tablets with the new operating system will make it a good competitor for Apple’s iPad and Kindle by Amazon.

An analyst said “It’s a good strategic deal. It gets Microsoft in the game for e-readers, and gives them access to a market that has been growing nicely and they’ve basically sat out of. It also makes Windows 8 a more compelling platform from an e-readers perspective.”

The First Feel of Windows 8

Microsoft gave its users the first taste of its latest and most important operating system yet; Windows 8. Users logged on to the Microsoft website to download and get a first look-see on Wednesday. As usual, the feedback till now has been pretty skewed, some loving it without bounds and other hating it. There’s not much to read into the feedback for the teaser, it is just as case of building up euphoria and momentum towards the final release.

The occasion for the release was the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft thoughtfully released it during an event that is primarily a platform for Mobile phones and Tablets. The biggest challenge for Windows is going to be its performance on Phones and Tablets. This is the first time in the company’s history an all-gadget OS has made it to the market. The move comes close on the heels of Apple eating into Microsoft’s consumer base with their operating system designed to work on Mac Desktop’s, notebooks, i-Phones and i-pads. The advent of Android has also adversely affected Microsoft’s positioning as a major mobile computing manufacturer.

Microsoft all set to roll out Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The wait is over; we are all set to get a glimpse of the much anticipated Windows 8 operating system. The consumer preview is set to be rolled out on February 29 in Barcelona, Spain. The consumer preview is another term for a ‘Beta’ version of a software product, which provides the consumer the first look and feel of the product. The full version of the product, with necessary changes made based on the Beta version will be released later in the year.

Microsoft has sent out invitations to the press about the event. The one big surprise for all is the event chosen for the release. The event during which the release will happen is the Mobile World Congress, an event primarily to showcase Mobile phones and Tablets. It is no secret that Microsoft has long been building an operating system that would operate both on PC’s and tablets. The huge popularity and reach of Apple’s I-Pad triggered such a move.

Microsoft’s trump card is named ‘Metro’, which the company believes will take on the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The company aims to streamline the touch-enabled OS into all its offerings such as PC’s, Mobiles, Tablets, Gaming consoles and more.

Bill Gates’ Appeal to People across the World to Invest in Farming

Bill Gates in his distinctively quiet style has published a letter about the year ahead and what he feels should be accomplished in 2012. He has called on the world to re-vitalize ‘green revolution’ all over again. Green revolution was a concept introduced to the world by late Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug.

The former CEO of software giant Microsoft, gets to the point right away, when he mentions that 15% of the world population still lives in poverty and a majority of that population is made of farmers living on small farms. He goes on to add that the produce from these small farms is not good enough to feed even their own families. He calls for agricultural innovation which will create new tools and approaches to increase produce and transform the lives of millions of farmers, at the same time he admits his fear of dwindling funding for innovation in agriculture in the current political and economic climate.

Microsoft Flight Finally Released: First Reactions

After weeks of waiting, Microsoft’s real-world flight simulator was finally released and has been unassumingly named as Microsoft Flight. The simulator or more simply ‘sim’ will let users soar the skies of Hawaii that have been digitally enhanced to present an accurate version of the real skies. Even the atmospheric conditions will be correspondingly altered as per the real-time weather conditions for enhanced gaming experience. The game promises to deliver on actual superior aerial exploration and users can expect to experience precision flying in locales that will remind them of flying over Hawaii. Although, the absence of dogfights and stealth missions comes as a shock to most who would rather buy an action-oriented game, the intent of the game is to offer Hawaii’s ambience in digital mode through the experience of flying digital counterparts of real planes.

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