Barack Obama wins presidential election for a second term

President Barack Obama won for a second term in the White House by defeating his opponent – Republican Mitt Romney. Obama in his victory speech said that in his second presidential term he would reach out to Republicans. He further called on for a compromise and pledging to work with leaders of both the parties to reduce the deficit, to reform the tax code and immigration laws and to cut dependence on foreign oil.

President Barack Obama delivered the victory speech at McCormick Place convention center in Chicago that stuck on to the themes about his rise to top of the American politics and that there is more that unites Americans than that divides them. This election battle was quite long, bitter and expensive with the nationwide popular vote that remained extremely close with Obama taking about 50 percent to 49 percent for Romney. The election campaign resulted in both candidates and their party allies combined spending an estimated amount of $2billion. President Obama scored impressive victories across the country so much so that the big build up over Ohio, Florida and Virginia just tapered out.

Obama reached the 270 electoral votes needed for presidential victory even without those three states. The winning was further strengthened with rolling up wins in Democratic strongholds that included Nevada, Iowa and Colorado. In the end, Obama won Ohio, Virginia and was far ahead in Florida.

Mitt Romney – the 65-year-old former Massachusetts governed conceded to his defeat in a gracious speech that was delivered to his disappointed supporters at the Boston convention center saying that this is a time of great challenge for the nation and would pray that the president will be successful in guiding the nation. He further warned against partisan bickering and requested politicians on both sides to put the people before the politics.

American voters go to polls to give their final verdict

The curtains are almost down after a long and bitter White House campaign with Americans began casting their votes on Tuesday with polls showing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger – Mitt Romney in a neck and neck election that will be decided in a handful of states. The voting is currently underway in twenty-six states in the United States to elect their 45th president of the country. Polling has already opened in most eastern states and is slated to commence in mid-western states. The states currently undergoing voting include Ohio and North Carolina. Voting will begin in Florida within a few hours.

Vice president Joe Biden voted along with his wife just a short while ago in Delaware. This election is a close race between the U.S. President and Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and the Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney for 538 Electoral College votes. To be a winner, the candidate needs 270 electoral votes. The results depend upon the Electoral College in which each state is given a number of electoral votes in a rough proportion to its population. The outcome of the election will rest on a thin margin based on few key results.

Getting ready for election 2012

Ahead of the 2012 presidential elections, American politics is already experiencing a little pressure with the candidates of the upcoming election trying to take the first spot in the public eyes. The United States presidential elections are to be held on Tuesday the 6th of November of this year. The pressure of the elections and its outcome is building up on the competitors; Barack Obama is being challenged by Mitt Romney who is the former governor of Massachusetts. The others comprise of Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson who is also the former governor of New Mexico.

The first sign of the pressure building up was seen when Mitt Romney criticized president Obama’s comments to the business owners. The current US president is believed to have said that the business owners of America owe their success to the support extended by the US government to them. He also talked about the increase in the tax payable by them towards the government. He said that some part of appreciation of the success of the business owners should also be given to the government for its efforts. Mitt Romney supporting the entrepreneurs criticized the President saying that these people work hard and relentlessly for the nation’s growth and are the backbone of the country.

Oprah interviews Presidential candidate Mitt Romney

This weekend, all media attention is on the Romneys and their well known guest. They had none other than the Oprah Winfrey herself to interview them. Oprah sat down Mitt and Ann Romney for an interview at their lake front house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The interview will run in her own magazine, O, the Oprah Magazine.

This interview is quite a surprise to the media and those who have been following the presidential election. Oprah Winfrey is one of Obama’s fervent supporters. It is even said that her campaigns for him in 2007 were one of the major contributing factors to his victory in 2008.

Though this election, she has opted to stay out of Obama’s campaign trail. She has a network to fix, she says. Oprah has been having issues with her own OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). But she insists, she is still behind Obama a hundred percent. She still believes in him and respects him.

Obama and Romney tussle over tax-cuts

President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney are clashing over the economy and the debate has heated up with rhetoric over the Bush-era tax cuts. Obama has challenged Romney to join him in allowing tax hikes for rich Americans like themselves, needling his rival on Tuesday to compromise in order to help the middle class. Romney dismissed the idea by returning to the sensitive topic of outsourcing and called Obama “outsourcer-in-chief”.

Iowa and Colorado are the two areas drawing intense campaign attention with both Obama and Romney fighting for any advantage. While Obama directed his talk towards taxes, Romney focused on redirecting the charges that he has sent jobs overseas when he was working in private equity. Romney said, “He’s run some interesting attack ads on me on that topic, It is interesting that when it comes to outsourcing that this president has been outsourcing a good deal of American jobs himself, by putting money into energy companies that end up making their products outside the United States”. The former equity executive was under heat from within his own camp over his response to the relentless attacks that he shipped jobs overseas and his staff distributed a newspaper story critical of Obama’s outsourcing record. Romney said about the President, “If there’s an outsourcer-in-chief, it’s the president of the United States, not the guy who’s running to replace him”. And to back up the claim with proof Romney’s camp cited a Washington Post story which describes the ongoing trend of shifting American jobs to low-wage countries even during Obama’s tenure. However, all this rhetoric does little to change the fact that the economy has stalled and Washington is deadlocked and it’s a tight race in the election. President Obama who is facing the pressure of re-election with high –unemployment has shifted blame to the Republicans over looming tax increases.

Mitt Romney charges Obama of telling brutal lies on Bain Capital

The latest advertisement campaign from the stables of Romney campaign cries “So shame on you, Barack Obama!” in a hoarse voice in the latest Television ad footage that was broadcast only in Ohio. But the voice does not resemble the Republican Party’s nominee Mitt Romney but to Hillary Clinton. This footage was lifted from the bitterly contested Democratic primary campaign of 2008 when Clinton was the Senator and now President Obama’s staunch and loyal secretary of state complaining about the Illinois insurgent spending millions of dollars creating falsehood.

The advertisement further adheres that the man who went on to win the presidency first attacked Clinton of “vicious lies”. The advertisement also mentions a Washington Post column of last month that spoke against a particular Obama attack ad campaign against Romney as “untrue, misleading and unfair”. The latest ad campaign wants to protect the interests of its candidate from the barrage of attacks that he is faced when he was involved in the private equity career at Bain Capital.

This Obama ad campaign heavily relied on the Washington Post news articles that were published in June-21 which reported that the six companies that Bain invested in during Romney’s tenure at the firm were “trailblazers” in the rising trend of outsourcing U.S. jobs to foreign countries like India and China.

The Republican Nomination – More than Half Way there

Mitt RomneyAs expected Mitt Romney swept all three states that chose their nominee to be the Republican Presidential Candidate on Tuesday. Mr. Romney now has 640 delegates putting him over the half way mark for the 1144 delegates that he needs to win the nomination outright. Mr. Romney seems to have his eye on the main prize now, focusing most of his winning speech towards challenging President Obama.

For all that the Republican conservative base distrusts Mr. Romney, there is no denying the keen business sense that has lead to his making a fortune. Decrying the sad state of the economy is one topic on which Mr. Romney finds himself on safe ground with the Republicans as well as America as a whole, and he has attacked the President on his handling of the economy as well as the prevailing high gas prices.

In a nod to the expectation that Mr. Romney will most likely be his opponent for the November Presidential elections, Mr. Obama has for the first time directly attacked Mr. Romney in an uncharacteristically partisan speech this week. Mr. Obama spoke disparagingly about the Republican budget proposals that aim at cost cutting by reducing Medicaid and other benefits for the sick and elderly and highlighted Mr. Romney’s approval of this budget which he is known to have called ‘Marvelous’.

And the Republican Race Drags on

Three states get to decide who they would like to nominate as the Republican challenger this Tuesday; and Mitt Romney is expected to win all three. This will push him over the half way mark and have him in a strong position going into the six primaries that are to be held on April 24th. A strong indicator of the expectation that he will be the Republican nominee is the fact that President Obama has for the first time targeted Mr. Romney directly in a speech he gave on Tuesday on the controversial Republican budget plan. This is something that the President rarely did till now, letting the Republicans duke it out amongst themselves.

President Obama stressed those aspects of the budget proposed by Republicans that will make huge cuts in Medicaid and other programs for the poor and elderly while keeping taxes low; saying that this is a budget that the fabulously wealthy Mr. Romney whole heartedly endorses calling it ‘marvelous’ and hoping that it is put before him on his first day as President (if and when that happens).

America’s Dire Financial Crisis

It is quite obvious that Mitt Romney is going to win the GOP nomination and battle Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America.  Some people say that they are basically the same candidates that are bound by the same bureaucratic dogma, just in different ways of platform, expression and rhetoric.  However, there are striking differences between the two that are worth mentioning.  For instance, Mitt Romney has ample experience in the corporate sector while Obama’s predominant experience is dealing with our ailing economy, which isn’t pretty.  But is it his fault or George W. Bush’s blame that we are in such a dire financial crisis?   In a poll it said that 54 percent of people said that it was Bush’s fault, while 29 percent blamed Obama.  Regardless of who is to blame, something has to be done because hardworking people are close to losing their mortgages and on thin ice.

Mitt Romney woos his conservative base

Mitt Romney is shoring up support from the Republican establishment to further consolidate his position as the front runner in the bid to represent the GOP as their candidate for the Presidential elections in November this year. He has faced a surprisingly stiff completion from Rick Santorum as well as Newt Gingrich, but at this point in the race it looks like Mr. Romney will emerge victorious.

Mr. Romney is viewed with much skepticism by the conservative base of the Republican Party who have voted for a unabashedly catholic, pro-life, Rick Santorum resulting in quite a few wins in the more conservative parts of the country. Mr. Romney is now working behind the scenes in Washington to gain the confidence and support of the more conservative factions within the Party who are skeptical of his previously held moderate views on abortion; and his healthcare reforms as the Governor of Massachusetts which are the basis of the Presidents’ universal healthcare reforms that the Republicans are trying to repeal. Mr. Romney is focusing on his economic credentials as a fiscal conservative who will lower taxes and government regulation and reduce debt.

Mr. Romney met with South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, a prominent conservative senator who had supported him in his bid in 2008 but has yet to endorse him this time round; and Paul Ryan the conservative chairman of the House Budget Committee. He also held a fund raiser which was attended by several senators and members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. DeMint has spoken warmly about Mr. Romney as has Senator John McCain of Arizona and Jeb Bush of Florida who has endorsed Mr. Romney. Senator McCain warned the party that the longer they spent squabbling over the candidacy the more difficult it would be for their eventual nominee to defeat President Obama when the time came.


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