Wolverine claims the weekend box office crown

Hugh Jackman is the latest incarnation as Wolverine having clawed its way through this weekend’s box office competition. ‘Wolverine’ that starred Hugh Jackman as Marvel Comics’ sharp clawed super hero slashed its way to $55 million in United States and Canadian ticket sales to claim the box office crown. This film made more than $120 million it cost to make in its opening weekend. It is the sixth film in the X-Men franchise that has now made $1.9 billion worldwide. “The Conjuring” the low budget horror film that led last weekend’s box office slipped to second place with $22.1million in domestic sales from Friday through Sunday as per studio estimates.

Wolverine is set in Japan and features an international cast. The film has generated nearly $84 million in overall ticket sales that surprised strong showing for the film that was made under $20 million to make. The animated film “Despicable Me 2” that featured the voice of comic actor Steve Carell finished third with 16 million in ticket sales in its fourth week in movie theatres. This film was made by Universal Pictures collecting more than $600 million ticket sales around the globe. Despite of the success, ‘Wolverine’ fell short of Hollywood insiders’ $72 million weekend estimates. It is the latest in the string of the big budget action films that had failed to meet the expectations.

The discovery of Suzanne Collins

The name Suzanne Collins does not ring a bell. Not yet, at least. But her latest work is more than just known. Famous for avoiding interviews and quietly penning down children’s shows, Collins is about to have a big year. Suzanne Collins is the author of the books on which the movie Hunger Games is based on. She was born in Connecticut and started writing children’s television shows in 1991. She has written many famous children’s show for Nickelodeon like Oswald, Clarissa Explains it all and The Mystery files of Shelly Woo.

In September 2008, she released the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. The inspiration for the book is said to be from Thesues and the Minotaur. The author later said the idea for the book struck her when she was watching television and switching between reality television and the Iraq war programs.

The book set in future dystopian North America, where a girl and boy are selected from twelve districts to fight to death. A sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen, to save her sister’s life, competes in her place. The author says “There’s no fantasy element. The violence is not only human on human, it’s kid on kid. I think that automatically moves you into an older range.”


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