Spidey and MJ’s amazing chemistry!

Just after the five years after Spiderman 3 crawled out of the multiplexes with a jaded looking Tobey Maguire, the reset button has been pressed. With a fresh start, there’s a new Spidey, a new villain and a smarter and more interesting storyline. But here’s what’s amazing about the film apart from the word being in the title is the chemistry between its lead actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The performances in the film are extraordinary which makes the film worth watching. Starting with the supporting actors, Uncle Ben and Aunt May are played by Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Sheen portrays his character with a fiery righteousness which guides Parker during dark times. Rhys Ifans adds a nuanced edge to his role of a mad scientist Curt Connors and is a terrific Spidey villain. Dennis Leary stiffens his spine as a cop George Stacy who is out to nab the web-slinging vigilante. Andrew Garfield is literally amazing with his acting talent and has portrayed Peter Parker Beautifully. He’s extremely expressive and has capably shown the teen angst of Parker who’s on a learning curve about what he can and should do with his newly acquired powers. His emotions flit across his face like quicksilver and his keen intelligence shone through his acting skills. At par with Garfield’s talent is Emma Stone’s soulful portrayal of Gwen Stacy, the brainy daughter of police captain George Stacy and Peter Parker’s first love. In real-life too the couple has amazing chemistry making the scenes in the film even more engaging. In conclusion the casting for the film is just right.

Foul Flicks Frightening Flowers

As a parent, one should be determined more than ever to raise their children in a manner that compels the sun to radiate and illuminate, granting a climactic blossom where their once baby boy or girl transform into full-grown beautiful roses that serve the lord and give asustenance for sinful pests who have lost their buzz when they foolishly defied true logic and stung the wrong cat.  In America, it is tragic that parents buckle under the pressures of their mundane lives and unknowingly allow their angels to be caught up by Hollywood’s deplorable movies that imprint the mind with lunatic dogma.  Let’s get one thing straight, films like the Lion King, Sandlot, Finding Nemoetc.are beautiful flicks that inspire the youth and promote the longevity of loyalty, romance, and bravery to face life’s many challenges.  What this article aims to snitch on is the undeniable conspiracy that there exists too much cinematic filth that parents should sternly protect their easily-influenced children from viewing.  If a parent refuses to protect their bloodline’s mental sanctity and allows some mature film to infect their seed’s imagination with thematic travesty, then they have miserably failed as protectors and contributors to the next generation; what will unfold for these rotten parents is watching their tampered children turning into trolls that suck from Hollywood a venom that doesn’t even exist in the most dangerous snake in all the world.

The Influence of Entertainment

Today the masses are flocking to the movies and watching television and listening to musicians in order to eliminate boredom and illuminate their imagination.  The olden days are over where people looked to books or their family for guidance and self-realization.  Now, people who are searching for the meaning of life look to movie stars, television personalities, and musicians to show them what they don’t know and how to view the world properly.  Children look up to these celebrities and often imitate these fortunate entertainers (who make a bunch of money) wishing they could be just like them and basically these kids turn them into deities.

All movies have an underlying theme to them, something that they are trying to show the audience exists in everyday life and that they should leave the theatre’s being completely aware of.  It might take awhile but as soon as the climax hits them like a ton of bricks they truly understand what the director was trying to create: his or her unique perspective of human culture.

2011 The Year in Movies

As 2012 beckons, let’s bid farewell to the year gone by. It’s been an eventful year in the movies. So here’s all the year-end news you should know before ushering in the New Year.

Bid Goodbye to Film

In what comes as probably the biggest change in Cinema in recent memory is that film will be a thing of the past. Movie theaters have been put on notice to have them convert all their projections to digital. Movie studios are mulling over a change to do away with shipping films on film stock, which are a huge expenditure and a logistical nightmare. Fox Studios is leading the change; it expects to go fully digital by the end of 2012. All other major players will also follow suit. The only other movies that we might see on film are IMAX and indie films. The younger generation might not understand the fuss behind the move, however it would be a landmark change in the way cinema has been viewed; the move can be compared with the previous decision to shift to color movies or the momentous move from silent cinema. However, as we all know ‘Change is constant and inevitable’.


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