Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting time for any one person, let alone an entire family, but people try not to think about the enormity of the situation itself. There are lots of things to consider when you’re moving to a different country especially if you have already built yourself a life in the country you are currently in. Lots of planning needs to be going into it and you can never be too ahead of yourself. Making lists is a sure fire way of being able to keep track of everything but below is a list of the bare basics you need to to be thinking about.

Employment – If you and/or your spouse are already in employment then you need to think about making a resignation letter and also being aware of how much notice you need to be giving your employer before actually leaving. It can take from 1 all the way to 6 weeks before you leave your job so make sure you give it plenty of time, beside you’ll need your time to be spare to pack away belongings etc. You also need to think about what employment you will have when you get to your new home, do you have something lined up or do you need to prematurely job hunt? Try to get as many interviews as you can when arriving so you have the best chance of becoming employed.

The current premises – If you have any loans, mortgages, leases etc then you need to think about whether these things need to be paid off or what can be worked out between you and either your landlord or mortgage providers. Or if you are trying to sell your house then you need to make sure you have a buyer that can move in as soon as possible so that you don’t need to be sorting it out in a different country. Make sure the house or flat is in top condition when you leave it, if you do not own the property this is essential anyway but if you’re trying to sell you need it to be spotless.


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