Mr. Hollande wins France, now he must calm the rest of the world.

Hollande wins FranceMr. Francois Hollande has won the French Presidency defeating an aggressive campaign by the incumbent President Sarkozy. Newspapers on Monday showed a beaming Mr. Hollande with arms outstretched on their front pages, who won with an impressive 51.6 percent of the vote, has come to office in part because of a tide of anger amongst the French public against the ruling party’s handling of the economic crisis.

Mr. Hollande will be the first Socialist President to hold office in 17 years and the rest of Europe is holding its breath, waiting to see the decisions he takes with regards to public spending and fiscal responsibility. Germany has gone so far as to say that they will not pay for any reduction in austerity measures that Mr. Hollande may have promised during the election campaign.


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