What is the importance of a musical hit list?

Music is a beautiful thing.  It regulates how you feel and sparks emotional clarity.  This is what I mean; when you the listener feel a certain way, the music you listen to compliments your current state and takes you to a special place.  I am an avid listener of all types of music, as long as it is not disposal.  There is a lot of garbage being put out by music companies that doesn’t last very long within the musical market.  Then there are those classic songs that go down in history as pivotal and revolutionary.

A successful musician that has achieved longevity in a genre or niche that they exist in, aims to give his or her fans songs that come straight from the heart, establishing an emotional connection.  The radio, iTunes and other musical outlets give listeners the opportunity to create their own hit lists.  Why is this important?  Hit lists can take you from being bored and stagnant to jolly and free from pain or suffering.  Just think if music didn’t exist.  There would be absolute chaos and an absence of love in the air.  Hit lists are as important as a best friend.


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