New Natural Wonders

Despite the numerous achievements of the human race there’s nothing that can rival the magnificent beauty of the natural world. Nature can amaze us with its endless beauty and humble us with its power. The spectacular wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon and Mt. Everest are well known however the worldwide public in the recent years has voted on a few lesser known natural wonders as part of the New7Wonders project.

Here are a few which have been confirmed winners by the voters:

Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Halong Bay with an area of 1553 square kilometers is a picturesque and popular travel destination and includes 1,960 to 2000 islets of soaring limestone formations. According to a legend the formations were formed when a dragon sent by the god’s crash landed on earth. Visiting the bay at any time is a delight, during the day when the shimmering waters create glorious reflections among the vast network of islets or at twilight when the fading sun covers the karst formations with its rich colors. A boat cruise through the Bay reveals the numerous caves which are specially illuminated to reveal their spectacular beauty.


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