How the Dalai Lama Spent His New Year

Have you ever wondered what it means to be enlightened?  It is a strange concept.  Some people think that they know it all, but they are often deemed to be egotistical and full of themselves.  But do not fret, there are people in the world that are very close to being perfect in regards to the richness of his or her human spirit. For instance, consider the Dalai Lamas who over the centuries have embodied enlightened ideals that have spread like hot fire across the world.  “Dalia” means teacher and “Lama” means ocean so it is safe to say that his knowledge is vast and far superior than the normal person’s train of thought.

The New Years Is a Time for Change and Festivities

We all need reasons to celebrate our triumphs and for our loved ones to commiserate with us over our sorrows and the New Years is no better time then to do just that.  This is an occasion where we follow our heart and free our body, mind and soul from the stresses of the world and find peace in the fact that we have friends to toast with, sharing epic moments of joy and love.  New Years Eve merriments are exciting because we know that the year is done and that after we have a good timeafter ending of a long year,we wake in the morning to a dawn with new possibilities.


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