The Missile shield fiasco in Soul

The U.S., NATO and many European countries are have been participating in a proposed project to set up an anti nuclear missile shield or defense system with instillations all over Europe. The idea is to ensure a first line of defense against any missile attacks launched not only on Europe but also into the U.S. from parts of the Middle East. Though it is widely believed that at present no country in that region has the capability of getting a ballistic missile all the way to the U.S. but that may change in the future.

Russia has been staunchly opposed to the plan as it stands right now as radars that will be placed in Europe as part of this system will have the ability to monitor all movement within Russia’s European area and that is not acceptable to them. They would like legally binding assurances from NATO and the U.S. that the shield will not be used against them before they join the countries who are participating in this project. They also do not share the west’s concerns about Iran at the moment.


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